Monday, February 25, 2013

That Guilty Little Stinker!

Well, I came home this evening to a little mess! Lately, Miss Ginger has been getting into my sewing stash again...just like she did when she was a pup. Almost always I have a little pile of thread, scissors, thimbles, the fabric I am working on, etc on the end table by my chair. When I got home tonight my thimbles had gone missing, my threads had gone missing and my sewing pile is totally rearranged! Recently I bought a donut bobbin ring filled with a variety of colored threads on bobbins. I had 3 bobbins on my table...and now I only have 2. My little "sweetie" decided she wanted to play and chewed up one of them. And my thimbles are gone again. At least I know where she hides them...way down in the corners of "her" chair in the living room! Yep, there they were, both of my favorite thimbles!

That little rascal! As you can see she is healing up quite nicely! :-)

Take care,


PS...I just found two more chewed up spools burried in the couch!!



  1. I don't believe it for a second - that cute, furry face would never do anything like that!

  2. What a little pickle she is. At least she had just buried her treasure and not eaten them otherwise it would have been another trip to the vets.

  3. Happy to see that Ginger is on the mend!
    Sorry to see she's gotten into your sewing supplies.
    She sure looks sweet though!

  4. Sounds and looks like "Miss Ginger" is playing a little game with you. Happy that she is feeling better!!!

    Carolyn :)