Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Special Delicvery! Free Download!

 Today is the day for your Special Delivery!  (Free for a short while!)  When I was young I was a very inexperienced gardener.  I finally found these whimsical blue flowers called Morning Glories and discovered they grow easily!  So I dumped the whole seed packet in the large mailbox flower box.  🤣  I discovered my husband was picking them as fast as they could grow...because they were WEEDS!  What?!?  He worked in agriculture and he knew them as weeds!  🤣   I talked him into leaving a few so I could enjoy my hard work and loved seeing them grow. Eventually they climed to their beautiful glory!  But one day the postal worker rang the doorbell and asked if I would mind cutting off the Morning Glories due to the bees. 😢  Needless to say I don’t plant Morning Glories any more and over the years, I discovered there are many floral varieties that are considered weeds!  But they sure make beautiful Potted Petals!  😂🤣😅. 

Enjoy your download and remember you can order the printed pattern, fabric kits, thread kits and other supplies if you need something to help make this art  easier.  Find the links on the home page at TraditionalPrimitives.com. Please read the instructions on the website, below the pattern picture, about how to download the pattern.  If you have questions please contact me directly through the contact form on my website.  Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Potted Petals Mystery Stitch Along- Free Patterns!

 Join me and 11 other design teams for a new Stitch Along called Potted Petals offering 12 free patterns over the coming weeks!  A fun project to get you ready for nicer weather.  We’ve been helping our youngest update her first home in Florida for a while now.  We are back home in Iowa and freezing our tails off as another blizzard rolls through today.  Our systems are in shock and this project is just what I needed to help me dream of springtime! 


Each designer is offering their pattern free in the coming weeks.  We’ve had 4 blocks released as of now and my block will be released on Feb 8th for the free download.  The picture below shows the first four blocks!  Aren’t they awesome?!? This mystery quilt will be just beautiful when completed and such a nice surprise each week when a new block is released.


We each have fabric and floss kits available if you decide you’d like those too!  You can find the link for my kit now on my home page at TraditionalPrimitives.com and the download will be added there soon as well.  I’ve  provided a link for all designers participating at the bottom of my Potted Petals product listing.  I hope you join us for this fun event!  Thanks for stopping by today!