Monday, December 27, 2021

I’ll be Teaching at New England Quilt Seminar Sept 2022!

 Hello and Happy New Year!  Christmas 2021 has passed…well almost!  We have another family celebration starting today and then, we’ll move on to 2022!  We have enjoyed the kids and grand babies so much this last week.  A few more days of snuggles and we’ll be back to the regular life events.  

Here’s a photo of our first half of Christmas celebration.  We’re missing my middle daughter’s family so we’ll do another official photo in the coming days with everyone!  The weather has been so nice we didn’t even need coats for the Christmas Eve church service!  We don’t get mild winter weather in Des Moines too often so it was a nice change!  

As the title of this post mentions, I will be teaching at a new event for me… the New England Quilt Seminars hosted by David Taylor Quilts.  I’m thrilled and look forward to this event so much!  12 students for 5 days to have lots of one on one time of instruction on English Paper Piecing and Applique’.  This will be awesome to really focus on improving the techniques used in the quilt.  We’ll get a huge start on the class project, Nana’s Garden Club.  This quilt has a big block center with EPP and Applique.  I love teaching Starch Basting and helping studenTs achieve excellent results.  It’s so rewarding to see the excitement of a student when they have success using the techniques I love.  ❤️

Join me won’t you?  Registration is February 11th.  Click HERE for detailed info!  The New England Quilt Seminars is help in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire and looks to be a beautiful setting!  I hope to see you there! 

Take care and thanks for stopping by today.  Blogger is becoming more and more difficult to accept new posts.  Please be sure to check out other blog posts from my website at  I post a few more there.  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and eventually we will let you know when a new post is made with some fun info.  
Happy New Year!

Monday, June 7, 2021

Complimentary Pattern Now Available! (And New email subscription gadget)

Hey ya'll!  Pop over to my website at and check out my new blog post.  I'll just be giving you a heads up when I make a new post from now on. It takes too much time do do the posts here and there on the site.  Thanks for understanding!  I've got a complimentary pattern posted there and a link to get you all the rest of the patterns in the Quilt Around the Block- US Tour!  It's nearing the end, so don't dally too long!

I've also updated my email subscription gadget.  If you were on my email list before you should still be receiving the notifications of my posts.  Thanks for sticking around!
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Saturday, April 10, 2021

Old School BOM- Basting EPP with Starch!

I’m thrilled to be involved in this Old School BOM project!  It’s always so good to learn some basics for quilting, as well as something new!  Thanks to Kim for including me and giving me the opportunity to show you all something “old school” done in a new way.   We'll be making an old school Hexie block with a fussy cut center.

When I started quilting one of the first quilts I wanted to make was a quilt with hexagon blocks.  I have an old quilt my Memaw made in the 30’s and it is one of my favorite antiques for sure.  Generally, Hexagon quilts are made using traditional hand piecing or the English Paper Piecing method.  The English Paper Piecing method is what interested me.  (EPP).  This means the quilter has a hexagon shape made from thick paper.  It is positioned on the wrong side of the fabric and the seam allowances are folded over the paper and basted in place.  I tried to baste hexie after hexie but I just couldn’t hold that paper still enough to have a good shape in the end.  The paper would shift and move at each turn and before long, I had no seam allowance left to turn over the paper!  No matter which tricks I used, I could not do a good job! 

Years later I was preparing some applique’ shapes using freezer paper and starch and it dawned on me that perhaps this would work for basting EPP shapes.  It worked like a charm, but after a while, I realized I needed some tools (notions) that were not available.  My husband encouraged me to start designing what I needed and we now have a line of EPP and Applique' notions for Starch Basting.  I've got a few videos on my website that tell you all about the technique and notions, and shows you just how to use them.  Take a look HERE and after watching you'll be ready to begin the block.  Try to watch the second video listed (from your PC or Android device) as it is the most recent.  If you don't have a PC,  you can watch the first video loaded.  The rest are nice to watch too! 

The basics of this technique are:  

1-Make the hexie template from a double layer of freezer paper.  

2-Cut fabric 1/4" larger on all sides of the hexie.

3-Iron the template to the wrong side of the fabric.

4-Paint the seam allowance with starch.

5-Fold the seam allowance onto the template and iron until dry with a mini iron.

6-Let the hexie cool and remove the template.  Repeat, repeat, repeat!

7-Sew the hexies together...YAY!

When you finish getting educated on this method from the videos, download the PDF file HERE .  You'll need to complete the checkout process, but don't worry, I will not ask for your credit card info or spam you!  This is just the way my website requires you to get the download.  Upon checkout completion a Purchase Confirmation box will pop up and you can get the download DIRECTLY FROM THIS BOX.  That's the easiest way to find the link.  😊 An email will also be sent with the link to get the download.

You can make the hexie with a fussy cut center as shown above, or if you'd rather have a block full of hexies, you'll need to make a few more and fill the center as shown below.  I can't wait to see how you make your block with your fabrics when you post in the Old School BOM FB Group!  Have fun and please let me know if you have any questions by asking in the FB group or by sending me an email through the comment form on the website,

These blocks shown here are from a few of my fabric collections with Blank Quilting Corp- The hexies in the first picture are from my current collection, Abby's Treasures- in stores now!  The center and background in the first picture are from my next line, Ashton Collection, shipping to stores in October.  Be sure to tell your local shop to get this one ordered in time!  It has some wonderful prints and border prints!  The center in the second picture is from previous lines, Rustic Homestead and Ginger & Spice.  See more on my website on the Fabrics and Woolen Page as I still have some prints from these past collections available. 

Join the  Old School BOM | Facebook FB group and join the fun to learn the basics of quilting! Here is a list of the participating designers sharing our lessons, tips and tricks.  
Mar 12 '21- Quilt Jane
Apr 12 '21- Missie Carpenter, Traditional Primitives
May 12, '21- Natalie Santini, Sew Hungry Hippie
June 12, '21- Kerry Goulder, Kid Giddy
July 12, '21- GoGo Kim
Aug 12, '21- Lee Chappell Monroe, May Chappell
Sept 12, '21- Yvonne Fuchs, Quilting Jetgirl
Oct 12, '21- Pat Sloan
Nov 12, '21- Katy Cameron, The Littlest Thistle
Dec 12, '21- Sherri Falls, This and That Patterns

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Potted Petals Finale!

It’s time for the finishing reveal for the Potted Petals Mystery Stitch Along! Each block will be free but just for this week only, through April 11th.   Kits are still available from each designer's shop. A list of shops and more information can be found on the Potted Petals product listing by clicking HERE.  The download for the the borders is the last link listed on that page.  

We’ve got another round of kits ready for you!  Thank you so much for your continued support of our small businesses.  We enjoy bringing you the gift of a free download and really appreciate your purchases keeping us alive during this time at home.  

Come back soon!  We have another one in the works for you soon!! 

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Friday, March 12, 2021

Academy of Applique’ 2021

Hello Everyone!  I’ve just returned from teaching at the Academy of Applique’ held in Williamsburg, VA.  It was SOOOO nice to see people in person (with masks) and see the smiles in their eyes.  I absolutely love teaching and to teach at the Academy is such an honor!  I always tell my students I hope I can teach them something and love seeing them get excited about creating quilts using the methods I prefer and teach.  I’ve heard from several students who have finished all the Hexies for the center and are on their way to prepping the rest of the elements for the center.  

The class project was Nana’s Garden Club, a quilt inspired by my Mom and Memaw who loved being members of their local garden clubs in Mississippi and Georgia.  I remember my Mom being so excited to enter contests of decorating the front door.  One year she wrapped the door in gold wrapping paper with a huge ribbon and then added a beautiful winter wreath. She saved that paper and ribbon and we had gifts given for several years with that paper.  Memaw had several gardening books that I received from my mom once I started enjoying having a flower garden.  I cherish it!  I am so blessed to see her handwritten notes in that book.  Anyway, the quilt is filled with memories of my Mom and Memaw as I remembered them when I stitched.  Isn’t it wonderful how our quilts are filled with memories!  

Along with those memories, Nana’s Garden Club is filled with whimsical flowers and a few hexies as accents. 



This quilt was a joy to create!  Our new product, Ultimate Freezer Paper is an absolute game changer for quick starch prep for applique’ shapes.  Due to the wonderful stiffness when two sheets are used together, along with the mini iron and Premium Quilting Starch, the Fingertip Stiletto, which allows you to get your finger right up close to the iron without getting burned and the Starch Brush which gives you just the right amount of starch on the seam allowances, you get quick and precise results on any shape easily!  These tools make preparing appliqué and English Paper Piecing shapes a real joy.  Then once they are completed, the sewing part goes lickity split!  The pattern walks you through the process as well as gives you a lesson on drawing a big circle and setting those hexies in place on the border easily.  The pattern is now available on the home page of the website,  While you are ordering the pattern or kit, be sure to also choose the supplies suggested to make the process easy and quick.  It all makes a huge difference in the enjoyment and success while making quilts!


We have kits available for you and remember the pattern is free when you buy the kits for most all of my designs!  You can add on the preprinted and doubled template pages.  These pages are ready for you to cut and begin!  There is also an option for purchasing the precut hexies needed for the quilt.  There are lots of options to make everyone happy and get you going on this quilt! 

As soon as I returned from the Academy of Applique, we had a visit from all the kids and grandkids.  We have 3 grands now and boy oh boy are they fun!  Paxton is quickly becoming a little boy.  Kenzie is almost a year old now, beginning to walk and talk, and Julian is on his way to being 2 months old!  We found a moment to get a quick pic of the three of them together!  Once Kenzie discovered Julian’s mouth we couldn’t keep her finger out of there!  Haha!  Oh the fun they will have together in the future... Of course I love it when all my girls come home.  I’m so proud of each of them as they grow up.  They love finding time to be together and make great efforts now that they all live in different parts of the country.  ❤️❤️❤️


Thanks for stopping by today!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Special Delicvery! Free Download!

 Today is the day for your Special Delivery!  (Free for a short while!)  When I was young I was a very inexperienced gardener.  I finally found these whimsical blue flowers called Morning Glories and discovered they grow easily!  So I dumped the whole seed packet in the large mailbox flower box.  🤣  I discovered my husband was picking them as fast as they could grow...because they were WEEDS!  What?!?  He worked in agriculture and he knew them as weeds!  🤣   I talked him into leaving a few so I could enjoy my hard work and loved seeing them grow. Eventually they climed to their beautiful glory!  But one day the postal worker rang the doorbell and asked if I would mind cutting off the Morning Glories due to the bees. 😢  Needless to say I don’t plant Morning Glories any more and over the years, I discovered there are many floral varieties that are considered weeds!  But they sure make beautiful Potted Petals!  😂🤣😅. 

Enjoy your download and remember you can order the printed pattern, fabric kits, thread kits and other supplies if you need something to help make this art  easier.  Find the links on the home page at Please read the instructions on the website, below the pattern picture, about how to download the pattern.  If you have questions please contact me directly through the contact form on my website.  Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Potted Petals Mystery Stitch Along- Free Patterns!

 Join me and 11 other design teams for a new Stitch Along called Potted Petals offering 12 free patterns over the coming weeks!  A fun project to get you ready for nicer weather.  We’ve been helping our youngest update her first home in Florida for a while now.  We are back home in Iowa and freezing our tails off as another blizzard rolls through today.  Our systems are in shock and this project is just what I needed to help me dream of springtime! 


Each designer is offering their pattern free in the coming weeks.  We’ve had 4 blocks released as of now and my block will be released on Feb 8th for the free download.  The picture below shows the first four blocks!  Aren’t they awesome?!? This mystery quilt will be just beautiful when completed and such a nice surprise each week when a new block is released.


We each have fabric and floss kits available if you decide you’d like those too!  You can find the link for my kit now on my home page at and the download will be added there soon as well.  I’ve  provided a link for all designers participating at the bottom of my Potted Petals product listing.  I hope you join us for this fun event!  Thanks for stopping by today!