Saturday, June 27, 2015

And the Days Keep Passing By!

Well, it seems lots of time has passed since I've last posted. I've been vending at another 2 shows...first Minnesota and then the new Kansas City Regional Quilt Festival. The booth looks about the same, but a little bit different each time I set it up.

The KC show was especially fun because two of my college girlfriends were my helpers. They are non sewers and I'll say they did a great job. By the end of the weekend they knew how to answer a few questions! It's fun to let them see what I do for my "job" and I was proud to show them! I've been a stay at home mom for so many years, I finally feel like a working woman like many of my college friends! That's Chris on the left and Julie on the right...thanks girls!

I made a little FB post on the way down as I sang "Kansas City here I come, right back where I started from..." Explaining that once upon a time I started my adult life in KC. I met my husband there and after we were married we lived in Lawrence, KS. We worked and played and started our family, had a bad babysitter experience and I became a stay at home mom. It didn't take too long until I needed something to keep me busy with the baby sleeping much of the time and my mom suggested I take a lesson of some sort. Well, that lesson was quilting! I took my first quilting lesson at stitch On Needlework Shop. A few years ago I became reacquainted with the owner, Leslie, who taught me to quilt. It's fun to bump into her at shows now and then and of course, she was vending at the KC Show since it is so close to Lawrence. Be sure to stop by her store if you are in the area! She is still spreading the joy of quilting with others!

A few rows over I ran into Sarah's Fabrics, also from Lawrence. After the quilting lesson, I learned to do English Smocking from one of the teachers there. This shop has a bit of a modern feel and offers lovely fabrics like Liberty Of London prints. Smocking kept me busy for quite a few years. People would see my baby in those unique smocked clothes and eventually started asking me to sew for them. I did custom smocked clothing for children for about 9 years, hosted a fashion show or two and also self published a little catalog for ladies to custom build the outfits. Kept me busy all right! This store is right across the street from Stitch On so be sure to stop by both shops if you wander into town.
I'm so grateful that I was able to take lessons from these ladies at these stores way back when. These ladies may not know it, but they have influenced my life in a very positive way. Now that I teach and share my joy for quilting, I sure hope I pass along some of the same positive vibes to women across the country.
After the show in KC, I detoured to be with my parents for a while. My mom broke her hip a few weeks ago and I'm glad I can help them now that she is home from rehab. She is improving daily and will be running around with her busy schedule very soon, I'm sure! While home, I stopped in at The Quilted Cow in Branson West. They are in a new location and it looks great. The fabrics selection is very good and the decor so cute! This fabric bolt holder in the top left photo is just darling...wish I had one in my studio to hold "stuff". They have a little cafe area for coffee and (husbands) and the check out area has lots of character also.
Since I had my car loaded with all of my show goodies, including quilts, the owner asked if they could show some of my quilts. If you happen to be in the area between now and July 4th, stop by to see a few Of my quilts in person and visit this lovely quilt shop in person!

Next stop will be at the Ankeny Qyult show near Des Moines on July 10 & 11. Hope to see some of you there!

Take care and happy stitching,