Saturday, August 4, 2018

Academy of Appliqué 2019!

I received a very special email today and thought I'd share some exciting news! Here is the email!  Follow her instructions and see who's teaching!

Are you ready?  Wait for it, wait for it . . . GO!
The 2019 Academy of Applique Class Catalog is available for viewing, printing, drooling over, etc. at, then click the tab ‘Classes 2019.’

Many ask me – “What should I do next?”  My suggestion is to print off the Worksheet (a separate tab on the website), and use this as a reference to select your first, second, and third choices of classes.  Then call ALL of your quilter friends, and invite them to join you for this wonderful week of appliqué, eating, laughing, eating, relaxing, eating, being pampered, and eating (can you see where my priorities are?).

Remember, if you are new to this event – or if you invite a friend that is new – both of you will receive $50.00 off of your registration.  If you invite two friends you will receive $100.00 off of your registration and each friend will receive $50.00 off of their registrations, etc.

Registration will open at noon EST on Labor Day (September 3, 2018).  Additional instructions will be blasted as we get closer to the date.  Classes fill in the order of registration – the computer actually time stamps each entry and they are processed in order.  It is allowed for you to register for a friend.  You would simply fill out (2) registration forms, providing the friends mailing address/email.  You would either need to get their credit card number, or pay for both registrations and work it out with your friend later.

 After you register online, a Registration Committee Member will call you back to confirm what class you are in, and to get your credit card number.  All supply lists are available on the website.  Both Lab Fees and Kit Fees are paid directly to the teacher – Lab Fees are required, Kit Fees are USUALLY voluntary – during class.

If you should have ANY questions, concerns, comments – please don’t hesitate to either email me or give me a call (757) 565-5299.
Good luck!