Sunday, April 28, 2013

Do you remember your Prom?

Looks like my little TomBoy is growing up! We had a fun afternoon doing hair, eyes and nails a bit more dramatic than usual! She and her boyfriend had lots of fun...After Prom at the school lasted until the wee hours this morning...(for those of you unfamiliar with After Prom, this is activities at the school to keep the kids out of trouble!)

Gone are the days of a dance lasting three hours and then you go spend the night at your best buddies house! We moms taking pictures were admiring our daughters dresses and remembering ours with long sleeves, Gunny Sax brand, and pastel tux's! Haha! What memories!


I think they had a great time!! Big sister was in a wedding last night also! We were busy busy running from here to there! Her roomie from college had a beautiful wedding. Sorry I don't have a picture of the bride to share...the colors were very modern...grey and soft yellow. Their invitations and programs reminded me of modern fabric we see in the stores.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

It was a great workshop with Pat Sloan and the next one is coming Fast!

The workshop with Pat Sloan was really great! She is such a fun, genuine person. We heard lots of fun stories and learned lots of great info! It's so fun when you take a class from a professional...they always teach us little tidbits that are helpful to know! She taught us all about different threads, needles, and a darling appliqué stitch I'd never seen before. It was a quick and easy way to do some appliqué, plus a bit artistic with the contrasting thread. Great fun! Here's a bit of show and tell from the day!



If you ever have a chance be sure to take a workshop from Pat. You will learn so much and enjoy yourself!

It won't be long until the event with the store in Omaha gets here! If any of you live nearby, be sure to check out and see the details about the workshops available from The Quilted Crow Girls! The classes are just about full! I am so flattered to get to meet them and introduce my designs to the area by vending in the back of the fun! Can't wait to see what I learn from these fun ladies!

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

And the Winner is...LJeanne! And class time tomorrow!

LJeanne are you out there? You won my drawing on Sunday and I'd love to send you your goodie...but I need your address in order to get it to you! Please contact me and send your can use my email link on the right side bar if you wish.

Tomorrow, I am headed to a class given by Pat Sloan. She spoke at the Des Moines guild today and showed us her first quilts and quilts made later on in her career. She will be lots of fun tomorrow I'm sure!

I better go get packed up so I am ready to attend in the morning...nighty night!

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Luscious Wools!

The designing bug has hit again and have a nice small quilt and pincushion ready for the Girls at Blackberry Primitives. They will be heading to market soon and it will be in their booth showing off their lovely wools! I'll show a picture of it when I can...can't wait to have show and tell and show you. I'm making a smaller version in a different color way also. Here's a sample of the wools they chose. They are so luscious!

Just what I need to get inspired...beautiful wools!

Well, today is the day for choosing the name for the winner of the pincushion pattern...and the winner is...

Ljeanne! Who answered my question of what type of quilting or handwork she likes to do.

"The pincushion pattern is lovely. I have done a few stitcheries, I think it's time to do a pincushion. I also quilt and knit."

Congratulations LJeanne! I'll get the pattern off to you as soon as I get your address. I hope you enjoy the little pincushion pattern! Thanks to Michelle May of the Raspberry Rabbits for coming up with this fun idea for our own little blog hop!

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little Woolies, The Quilted Crow Girls and The Last Give Away Reminder!!

There's another pattern available in the Little Woolie Series and I'm calling it
Autumn Sunset
You might say these last few patterns have looked very similar to my punched mini quilts...well, you are right! I've had some requests from stores to make the punched designs into projects for those who don't do punchneedle. Thus the Little Woolie Series was born! I have a few more to "copy" from the punched projects and then I'll start on something new, which will be exciting!

If any of you live near Omaha, have you heard that The Quilted Crow Girls are coming this way?!? I am so excited to attend the weekend retreat and it's only a few weekends away! These ladies are from Tasmania and I hear they are so much fun.
You may have seen their latest book in stores. It should be an awesome weekend of stitching lessons and humor. If you are nearby, you can check out the info HERE at the More Sew For You Quilt shop website. While you are there, check out the home page and you will see my Primitive Pineapple Welcome mini punchneedle quilt featured. Lyn, the owner, has a great store in Omaha. I'm sad it's 2 hours away from me for I'd love to enjoy their English Paper Piecing Club and their Little Quilt Club. She has a wonderful selection of civil war fabrics along with punchneedle and wool and other types of fabrics too! Anyway, if you live nearby and can attend the Crows Retreat, it would be awesome to see you there! (Let me know it you are attending!)
We have sunshine today. I'm so grateful to see it shine afte so many days of rain. I'm also grateful the sad situation in Boston can begin to close for the whole town as well as our young relatives who live there. Lives have been changed forever but at least the terror is done for now...
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to sign up for the pincushion pattern give away from a few posts ago!!
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Friday, April 19, 2013

Another New Pattern...And A Giveaway reminder!

Indian Summer...that time in the fall when you think there are no more nice days left before the weather stays cold...then a burst of warm sun and temps come for a few the Midwest we call it
Indian Summer
This 12" wool project is one in The Little Woolie series. It has the warm sunburst in the center, the fall leaves and acorns.. Work on this little quilt now so it's ready when the fall season arrives! This Little woolie will be perfect on one of the wire hangers that are so popular. a QUICK and easy finish!!
Count your blessings and keep those in Boston in your thoughts today. I know many must be fearful and we all hope for a speedy close to the terrible events of the week.
Don't forget to get signed up for the Give Away from the last post!
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

New Sunflower Pincushion Pattern!

I have a new Pattern ready for you, thanks to Michelle May of The Raspberry Rabbits! She and I have become good blogging buddies in the past year. We both love to work with Valdani Three Strand Floss and believe it or not, that's what got our friendship going! That and our love of Bunnies that is! If you have been to her blog you know she LOVES bunnies. If not, check it out here. She collects REAL bunnies and I collect dark colored bunnies to sit around the house!

Ok, Back to the pattern...

A while back she asked if I would design a pattern using her Valdani Three Strand Floss Collection, called Folk Art Fusion. It is a 12 color collection of beautiful colors available from her online store here.
I decided to make a Sunflower Pincushion. This pincushion is about 5" round and the pattern has instructions for making it in Wool or Punchneedle embroidery. It is really a quick little project and was so fun to make! As a punched pincushion, it would be a unique addition to your collection. As a wool pincushion it would be a darling addition as well as quick to finish! If you have followed my blog for a while, you have seen my coasters in the past. This pattern could also be made into coasters as well. (The cork coaster bases are available on my website notions page).
The picture above is a bit brighter than it really is, but Folk Art Fusion is a collection of great colors to work with as you can see below! She creates all sorts of pretties with these colors.

You can buy the Pattern and any Punchneedle supplies on my website, Traditional Primitives HERE and the floss collection and wool felt kit on her website, The Raspberry Rabbits! Check out all of her other goodies while you are there! She is very talented and creative! Her designs are unique and modern, yet have a country flair to them also. She's always keeping things "hopping" on her blog with fun offerings and stories!
If you are a visitor from Michelle's blog, I welcome you to my blog! Feel free to become a follower and join me in my quilting (and punching) adventure. Take a look back at some past posts. I hope you learn something new and decide to come back and see me! Be sure to visit my online store, Traditional Primitives HERE and see what I have to offer you. I love English Paper Piecing, Punchneedle, Wools and Appliqué.
As a celebration of my friendship with Michelle, I'd love to have a drawing for a copy of the Sunflower Pincushion! Follow me if you like my style and leave a comment telling me what kind of quilts or handwork you like to make and if you are interested in the drawing! I'll draw next Sunday so be sure to allow reply emails in your profile so I can let you know if you won! ( if you want to buy the Sunflower Pincushion Pattern today, you can choose another $9 pattern from my site if you win the drawing!)
Thanks to Michelle for this fun little blog hop we cooked up and thanks to you for visiting today!
Take care and come back soon!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Odd place to quilt!!

Can you guess where I am?


I have deadlines to fulfill and no spare time...soooo, I found myself doing some stitching at a Track Meet this morning! A Track Meet?! It was 32* and sunny with a light breeze at 9am this morning...I really need to finish the little quilt I am working on for Market, so what's a girl to do? We have to squeeze in stitching time WHENEVER AND WHEREVER we can find some time! I got a few pieces sewn on while watching Katie do the High Jump event. No time to waste! I'm sure I got a few odd looks stitching at a track meet!

Where is the oddest place you have stitched before? Most of us have stitched a bit in the car, at sporting events, in airports...I'd love to hear about where you've done some quick stitching!


This is a sneak peak of some of the pieces I am using for the quilt I am designing for Blackberry Primitives. I'll show you more when I can...

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's A Gatherin'!

Well, I did my first vending gig last Friday and Saturday! It was in Stover, Mo...a cute little town in central Missouri. The name of the vending show is It's A Gatherin', and boy did the shoppers come! Great attendance and nice people. Here's a few pics of my booth...

It was great to visit with quilters from the area! There is always a friendly person when you go to a quilting event. Lots of happy ladies admiring and having fun at all of the booths!

Julie, from Me and My Stitches talked me into getting into this show, and I'm so glad she did! We had a blast! Now I can't wait to find another one to attend...

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Getting Ready for a weekend of Vending!

Hexies, Hexies, who wants some Hexies?!?

I had a thought to sell some Hexie Candies at the show, packaged by the pound...what do you think? I've been busy busy cooking up that Hexie Candy!

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