Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sharp Scissors!

YOWZA! I have been sewing nonstop for about 25 years and I keep buying new scissors when my old ones get dull. Thing is, I keep the old ones too of course! Last weekend while at the show in Ft. Dodge, (which was a great "little" show of about 400 quilts!!!), I decided to get some of my scissors sharpened by one of the visiting vendors. He did an awesome job and YOWZA is all I can say! It's so nice to cut with SHARP scissors!! I was a bit nervous, but it was worth every penny. My friend who helps me vend is not a quilter and she laughed and laughed at me as I tried out each pair to see how they worked! She said I was like a kid with a new toy on Christmas morning, only I was excited about scissors! Tee Hee!

Have you waited too long to get your scissors sharpened?

Gardens Of A King is coming along....I'm almost done! Here's another little peek!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Back To Reality!

After a wonderful week in Destin, FL, we are back home and back to work! I'm getting ready for the next show I will setting up house at in Ft. Dodge, IA. The show is at the Fairgrounds in Ft. Dodge and runs Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9am. After having larger spaces the last two shows, I sure hope I can fit back into the 10x10 space!! Come see me if you are nearby! I'll be doing the demo on the starch Brush most of the day. I also love to show folks how to do Punchneedle and Rug Punching! Fun fun!

Here's my spacious booth last time I vended at Threads Across NE! Wow, all that room was nice!

You can see the quilts all have room to spread out and be seen below...yep, that's a full view of Gardens Of A King you see there on the right!! That's before the borders were added. I know I keep saying this, but the finished version will be shown soon...

Traditional Primitives
And here's the other side of the booth. Usually Charmed Beginnings does not have room to be seen, but you can see it on the far left. Ladies love this quilt shown in reproduction prints with lots of cheddar and red. It was also a fresh look to have ivory drapes to frame the booth.

I promised to show some pics from the Des Moines Quilt Show and I've finally had a moment to download some pics! I'll show a few today and a few more in the coming days since there are so many beauties to share!

First, it was lots of fun to be present when the raffle ticket was drawn! My friend Marilyn won the beautiful quilt, Rapsody In Blue. The title of the quilt goes well with our show theme, Whatever Makes Your Heart Sing. The pattern is Jacobs Ladder, you know like the song...We Are Climbing Jacobs Ladder... Lucky lucky Marilyn!

The quilt below belongs to my friend Diann. She loves this friendship quilt. Our small group did a block exchange and she is one of the few who has finished hers!

The next quilt was made quite a few years ago. Look at that perfect quilting! I'm sorry I don't have a full quilt picture!

This quilt was made by a friend, Carol Wilson. She has brought the wool appliqué to small group a few times. What a nice fall quilt!

Here's Gardens Of A King! My version of the King George III Coverlet, made from English Paper Piecing and Appliqué Techniques. A lot of cotton and a wee bit of wool!

This antique reproduction is a beauty! Karen Woten has done it again with another stunning quilt!

And the last picture I'll show today is from my friend Julee Prose ( who also helped me in NE. Thanks Julee!). This is a Kansas City Star Quilt. She loves making their BOMs.

The quilts shown above were all part of the Des Moines Area Quilters Guild side of the AQS show. We hold our own show off to the side of the AQS show. Thanks for stopping by today! I'll post a few more show pics very soon!

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Life on the Beach...

A little sew'n...a little sunn'n...a little shopp'n...a little walk' on the beach is so relaxing!

If only we lived someplace like this full time...some folks are really lucky!

The Gardens Of A King is coming along...borders are just about finished!

A little bit of English Paper Piecing, a little bit of Wool Appliqué, a little bit of Appliqué fun fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Headed to Threads across Nebraska!

I've got the Sequoia packed and ready to travel to Iowa's neighboring state, Nebraska! Threads Across Nebraska will be the destination...if any of you live near there, come and see me! It sounds like a nice show and event with quilts, classes and shopping!!

Let's see...I hope my friend coming along can get her suitcase in there! Tee Hee!

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