Saturday, May 3, 2014

7 Feet of Shoes!

Hi Gang!

Still not much happening around here as far as quilting has been very busy in this household! From my last post, you know we have our two German students here. We are getting along wonderfully and they are so sweet! They communicate wonderfully in English and it's really fun to hear them speak German and very funny to hear my daughter try to understand them and translate what they say! They are having a great time together. Monday, one of them had to go to the doctor with strep throat and Tuesday my Katie was home sick with a cold as well. We have cool rainy weather and that always brings a cold to this household!

Katie was selected to participate in the Drake Relays this year. She ran last Saturday morning. It was an awesome experience! Her team of four took second place in the Shuttle Hurdle relays! Yeah Girls! The Drake Relays are a big deal around here...professional athletes as well as top track performers from colleges all over the country, as well as a few Iowa high school track members compete. We watched pole jumping, high jumping (7’10” by a high school boy!), shuttle hurdles, long jump, steeple chase, medley relays, and more! It was a great time! If you find me on FaceBook, you can watch Katie run the hurdles. She is the first leg of the relay. (Missie Mayo Carpenter on FB). As I was waiting to meet up with Katie, I snapped this pick of the famous (in Des Moines) Drake Bulldog, Lucy...she is quite a queen!


So Katie woke at 5am to get down to the meet on time Saturday morning and Jeff took the other girls to Garage Sales! They had a blast! As soon as Katie returned home, she and the other two started getting ready for prom...only two hours to get three girls' hair done for prom was quite exciting! They were only a few minutes late and they all looked so pretty! Here's Katie and her boyfriend, Brennen.


And the crew of 4 off to get a few pictures taken before dinner. These are the best pictures because the wind was so much for nice, neat hair! Haha!

Then came after prom after the dance...they rolled in about 6:30 am... The high school has a big event to keep them all there to stay safe and out of trouble until morning. Of course, we parents are up all night as well, wondering if they are having fun! So we have sleep to catch up on also!

Last night was Katie's Young Life group here at our house! Nothing like keeping busy around here! We had about 70 kids come for YL Club Night! Worship is not like it used to be for teens! They really have a wonderful time together with fellowship, music, food, and worship. It is an awesome thing that SO Many Kids make it every week to worship. Young Life is a way to introduce God to those who have not been to church.

This is what our 7' wide entry looked like last night! And the pile kept growing and growing! LOL. The picture below is how the basement looked as they all tried to fit. The screen you see shows videos while they socialize and also projects the words for them when they sing popular music with a good message. You can't really see in the dark, but there is 15'x18' of kids in there, packed like sardines!


I snuck away for Bees on Tuesday night. It was fun to see a gift I made for my Secret Pal a few years ago, hanging on her wall. This little quilt has a punched Bee in the center, with embroidery and a patchwork border. I have lost this Bee Pattern in all my 'stuff' in the sewing room! Did I say "stuff" ? I meant "JUNK"!!

The only thing "quilty" I have been able to do is work on a store sample of Punchneedle. This one is called Primitive Pineapple Welcome. I am doing it in a little bit different color way than the pattern. I do think I like the blue in the sashing for a little change! When punching a larger design, it always helps to sew scrap fabric around the edge of the weaver's cloth, so it will fit easily inside a larger hoop. Makes for Much Less Hastle keeping the cloth in the hoop as you work! You can see, I am just about finished punching and then will get on to the wool and cotton borders. You can buy the pattern on my website, HERE, if you are interested.

That's about it for now! I have plans next week for a road trip to KC to help my Melanie get to a job interview during finals week, a college graduation, a high school graduation open house for about 120, and lastly, the college graduation dinner with her roomies and their families! Not much! LOL! Then...I will have time for quilting the next week...IF I am awake, that is!

Take Care,