Sunday, October 11, 2015

Glimpses Of The Past

We've taken a little time to be with my folks in Florida this week! We usually go to Destin, FL, but planning our trip at the last minute lead us to Panama City Beach this time. It's about 30 miles east of Destin but it seems like a whole new world. Here in Panama City Beach, the little beach town makes me think of old time movies that I used to love watching. I can just see some of the movie stars of yesteryear hanging out in a place like this! The building next to ours looks like it was quite something when it would have been new in the 50’s! I can just see Dean or Doris singing a little sweet song in an old movi in a setting like this!
The town is full of old tourist buildings that are fun to see. Of course the new is mixed in as well, and we are loving Starbucks right across the street! The sunsets are beautiful!
I got a few looks from folks when I was stitching on the beach yesterday! But hey, a girl's gotta stick when she has time right?! Here's a glimpse of my next quilt. I'm not quite sure what it will be when it's finished, but it sure is fun to piece these 1/2" hexes that I've Starch Basted! I've been making these as my demo in my booth while vending and I'm finally stitching them up to make a new quilt.
Speaking of Vending, I'll be heading to Houston in a few weeks for Quilt Market and also Festival. If any of you are going, please look me up! I'm in row 2400 for both events.
My new quilt, French Diamonds is completed and I'll be very excited to hang it in my booth. It's a pretty simple quilt to make and a nice take on an old Pennie Rug style quilt. You can see that the "Pennies" are Diamonds instead!
The clusters of Diamonds seem to look 3 dimensional, which was a nice surprise as I started stitching each block! Fun Surprise! The pattern is available on my website if you are interested!
Thanks for stopping by and I'll try to post again soon! Be sure to follow me on Instagram & Facebook if you can. Posting in those medias are so much quicker and I'm able to post there more often. Of course i'll be posting here when I can!
Take care,