Thursday, May 5, 2016

Binding Tip!

How many of you pin your whole binding before sewing it down? I used to do that many, many years ago. I was stuck by a pin with almost every stitch! Then I started using binding clips and clipped the whole binding before I sewed it. These fell off or got messed up as I stitched. Now? I use ONE binding clip and move it a few inches in front of my stitches. When I stitch up to it, I move it on down the binding. SUPER SIMPLE and a Great Time Saver! Give it a try!

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Short Threads...

This morning I found myself falling back into an old habit and decided to whip my thoughts back into shape quickly! I found myself trying to start a new piece of Applique with a 5" thread. I would have to thread that needle again because 5" wasn't enough to finish the stitching on the pieces I have left to Applique.

How many of you sew to the last inch of thread and then struggle to tie that necessary knot?! It's a hard habit to break! But after a year of doing my best to move onto another piece of thread it's coming naturally now! What is it about threading a needle that makes us try to use every last bit of our thread? Or, is it the fear that we may run out of this particular thread? I rarely run out of a thread that I can't replace if it does run out. How about you? It is kind of fun to be able to buy a new spool after so long isn't it?! Haha!

I challenge you to make stitching a bit more pleasant and go ahead and waste those last few inches of thread! It's so much less stressful to work with a piece that's long enough: easy to hang onto a longer thread, easier to tie the knot. Go for it Ladies!

I have four more pieces left on this new design and then on to the quilting! The fabrics are a mix of several lovely collections from Moda. They blend so well together to give a perfectly scrappy look!

Two weeks until Quilt Market so the focus is on finishing prep THIS week so I am not so stressed. Wish me luck!!

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