Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Baltimore On The Prairie Workshops!

I'm so thrilled to be teaching at Baltimore On The Prairie again this year, September 4-7, 2024!  If you love to spend time with about 100 others who love the art of applique, this event is for you!  We learn so much about many techniques of applique and it's so wonderful to be around those who love quilts and stitching as much as the rest.

This year, I have 2 class choices available.  Session A is wool applique on pre quilted silk.  It is called Rachael's Dream.  We learn several options for preparation of the shapes and of course the wool applique process.  Optional fabric and thread kits are available containing the pre quilted silk in a taupe or greige color and wool for the applique.  This whimsical antique styled project was inspired by the Jacobean embroidery works of the past and is an absolute joy to work on!  The silk is very lightweight and easy to handle as we stitch.  You'll be amazed how wonderful this is to stitch.  So relaxing and enjoyable!  

The Session B class is called In The Valley and is an all cotton block to finish as you wish.  The focus in class will be basting the shapes with Missie's unique method of Starch Basting using her original notions for this technique.  We will touch on basic shapes as well as tiny stems and other small details, offering options for the tiny apples so you can find a way you like to make the small circles.  You'll have the option of the church as shown, a house or a school.  Optional fabric and thread kits are available.  Even beginners will be able to achieve excellent shapes using this unique technique!  Sewing can be done by hand or machine after preparing the shapes with the Starch Basting Technique.  

Details can be found at or by clicking HERE.  Join me for this special event held in the beautiful Leid Lodge in Nebraska City, NE.  The lodge is a stunning Frank Loyd Wright building and the property has a museum and apple orchard among other activities should you want to stay a bit longer than the applique event.  

Please feel free to reach out with any questions at  I hope to see you there!

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Sunday, August 27, 2023

 It’s about time to sign up for classes at The Academy of Applique for 2024!  Once again I’m so honored to be teaching at this special event!  If you enjoy handwork, good food, good conversation, learning new thing about handwork and making friends….the Academy is for you!   

These are my projects for next year- Dancing Blooms...

And... Circles of Love 

The class will focus on Starch Basting (prepared edge) shapes for precision placement and fast sewing (even by machine if desired). You’ll also learn 1/8” stems, sharp points and tiny 3/16” hexies (Yes, that’s right!) with ease. These pieces are small but you can talk to Missie about making your block larger if you prefer. We will also discuss how to use border prints with this project. Both classes Missie is teaching in 2024 coordinate together in one quilt. Alternate the blocks to make a large quilt, use the block from this class alone as a center medallion for a quilt, repeat as a stunning quilt, or alone as a small wall hanging. You will leave class inspired to complete this project the way you desire!  I had so much fun creating these blocks.  I love sharing the Joy of Applique' and hope you will consider joining me for a few days of fun!  

Find out more at Academyof  Check out the Class Catalog for all the details- Registration is Noon (ET) Sharp on September 5th!  Don't be late!!

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Friday, August 11, 2023

New Stitch Along! Pumpkin Village! 🍁🎃🍁

 Fall will be here soon and the FB Group, Woolie Friends, is starting a new wool applique Stitch Along!  It’s not too late to start!  I know many of you here in blog land don’t use FaceBook, but that’s ok!  Everything can be found on my website for you to get started and continue!  Pumpkin Village is the name of the Stitch Along and you won’t want to miss out on this super fun event!  12 designers have come together to create this group project.  Each week a new block will be released and at the end there will be a finishing design offered.  We will each be offering a FREE pattern download the week of our release or a specially priced printed pattern during the event for $5.  We will each offer fabric and thread kits as well.  My block will be released on Monday the 14th so that’s coming up quick!  You can preorder the kits or the printed pattern for my block (at a reduced price) from and we will ship as soon as possible! My newer wool applique patterns come with preprinted templates on our Needle Turn and Wool Applique Freezer Paper so you don’t have any tracing you need to do!  A big bonus! 

The first two designs have been released, but it’s not too late to join in!  Pop over to my website and you’ll find the listing for Pumpkin Village on the home page.  Be sure to read the description down below the pictures for more details.  You’ll find a live link list for each designer so you can order all of the kits and supplies needed.  It’s not too late to join in on the fun for this great project!  The blocks are so cute and you will love the fun of stitching this fun Pumpkin Village up! 

Join in on the fun with us!  You’ll be so glad! 
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Monday, April 24, 2023

 Guess what!  I had the best conversation with Brandie from Quilter On Fire Podcast!  Listen with me April 25.  We had such a fun chat about my business. She really asked some great questions and I so enjoyed the memories!  Find this and more at  

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Teaching at Baltimore On The Prairie! Fall 2023

 Check out my projects for Baltimore On The Prairie in Nebraska City Nebraska, Sept 2023!  Registration is OPEN!  Find info at  Don’t wait to register so you are sure to get a spot!   I’m so excited to teach these lovely blocks.  

Birds of Coeur d’Alene is a class on Needleturned Broderie Perse, Applique stems & leaves and a bit of Embroidery to enhance the project.  It’s not as difficult as it looks!  You will learn the techniques used to complete this 24” block with ease!

Early American Spirit is a class with Starch Basted pieces.  We will focus on the Eagle and touch on the center compass and other elements.  What a wonderful block with just a touch of challenge and then easy peasy to finish it up!  There will be more blocks to come for this wonderful quilt, Early American Spirit!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2022


The Inspirations of Missie Carpenter – Designer for Blank Quilting Corp.

Tell us about yourself.

I live in the Des Moines, Iowa area but we spend quite a bit of time in southwest Missouri on Tablerock Lake.  My husband and I, our daughters and their families love spending time at the home on the lake where I grew up.  We’ve updated the old family home recently, and I’ve really enjoyed filling the walls with quilts! (My full-time home doesn’t have good walls for hanging quilts.)  The picture below shows an antique quilt on the left, and a quilt I made on the right, hanging at the lake house.  Pops of color along with the neutral tones lend way to a modern farmhouse style.

We keep the lake house very neat and tidy so it’s a nice retreat, but my home is filled with “work”- meaning lots of lovely fabrics, threads, and other supplies we quilters need for creating!  Both places are equally my happy place.  When I learned to quilt back in the 90’s, a few friends and I had a weekly small group for stitching in the evenings.  I learned to hand stitch during this time and to this day, it’s a rare day that I don’t pick up my needle and thread to do a little stitching.  I love handwork and it helps me relax before a busy workday and helps me wind down in the evenings.  A project is always nearby in my “nest” – my spot in the living room.  If you do handwork, you totally understand what I mean by my “nest”!  I have everything I need right next to me in an antique spool cabinet as my side table.  It’s definitely my happy place!

What inspires you?

I love antique quilts!  They are my greatest inspiration for designing fabrics as well as quilts.  Sewing window treatments in the ‘90s gave me access to many historical homes and many of the fabrics chosen were similarly styled like the fine fabrics used in the 1800’s in high end homes of the day.  It gave me the desire to study fabrics, collect scraps and begin my little antique quilt collection.  I strive to find well-loved antiques that have many fabrics in them and lots of age to the overall condition of the quilts. This aged condition fed my desire for rustic, primitive design found in the mid-western states I’ve lived in.  I love the texture found in old fabrics whether it comes from a design element or the wear that time creates.  The quilts shown here are the typical style of most of the quilts in my collection; not too fancy, but beautiful in their own way!

Tell us about your fabric.

As I began creating my own quilt designs around 2001, the business name Traditional Primitives came to mind as it described my style perfectly.  I struggled to find fabrics that fit this description and it’s a dream come true to design my version of traditional fabrics with a touch of primitive style for Blank Quilting now!  The result is traditional prints with a good bit of texture added.  For me, it’s all about color… I love saturated, rich, earthy, jewel tones – shades of reds, browns, blues, teals, golds, greens and purples.  This quilt, Delightful Garden, was a very exciting quilt to make.  It was the first quilt made entirely of my own fabric collections.  I was thrilled at how the collections blended so well.   My collections can be collected, treasured and used in the future together!

My last line which can most likely still be found in shops is called The Ashton Collection.  It also has been a great collection for me to work with!  I’ve loved the border print and the colorful flowers and birds have been such fun.  You’ll find several free patterns on the website using these fabrics, and several patterns on my website as well. 

I teach applique at events throughout the country.  The techniques I use for starch basting the shapes and then sewing them on the background makes it easy to sew by hand or machine.  I realize making fancy quilts is not for everyone and my next collection, Garden Club, includes a panel giving those who don’t do applique like the quilt above, a chance to make a quilt like this!  The free download patterns for the quilts shown below are available on the Blank Quilting website.  The only construction in the first quilt is the 16 simple blocks that surround the center panel.  The corner blocks are part of the panel, and the fancy border print finishes off the quilt easily!  It’s very easy construction!  So much can be done with the border print, using the elements of the print in different ways.  I love offering projects that any level of quilter can make whether the quilter is a beginner or advanced.

This next quilt made from the Garden Club collection is also an easy project without using the panel or border print and works well in a traditional styled home or a more modern home.   I strive to design fabrics that will warm a home and pull folks in to enjoy the rich colors. 

Courtney, my first 108” collection has just been released also.  I am thrilled to have these fabrics to back my quilts with! 

Courtney 108″ Collection

Full pictures of the free quilts can be seen at

What advice do you have for the new maker? 

Don’t ever get discouraged!  We are all beginners when we start a new craft like quilting.  So often I hear from new quilters that they could never make this or that quilt they see.  I’m here to tell you that you can do it!  I teach many beginners who are thrilled to find out that they can make detailed quilts very easily!   It just takes the right information to learn what you need to know.  Reach out to other quilters for advice when needed.  Most are happy to help!

Enjoy the process.  It’s not always about getting a quilt done in a weekend but enjoying the process!


Readers can contact Missie at

Her website is  and has informative videos and an interesting blog along with many pretty things.  Missie is the creator of unique notions used for English Paper Piecing and Applique’.  She loves English Paper Piecing, Applique’, Wool Applique’ and Punchneedle projects.

Read about more designers for Jaftex by clicking HERE!

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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Well, it’s official!  I can now let you all know I will be teaching at The Academy of Applique once again in 2023!  Wow, it’s hard to get in all the good things about the Academy…it’s such a wonderful experience!  Just imagine several hundred women who love Applique as much as you do!  Friends, food, fun and don’t forget Sewing!  

Visit the for details and get on the newsletter to see the class catalog on Aug 22nd.  Join me and we’ll have a blast! 

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