Friday, March 14, 2014

Small Group Show and Tell!

Table Talk Stitchers got together this week at my house. We meet once a month and have really gotten to know each other well in the year we have been stitching together. This week we had some fun projects at the table!

Mary has been diligently working on Yoko Saoto's mystery quilt from Quilt Mania Magazine! It is all quilted and ready to sew the binding down. Isn't it stunning! Here are a few detailed shots. I know she will be a ribbon winner again with this one! She is one of the finest quilters I know! It has been so great to get to know her better while stitching together in various groups.

The quilter she had work on it did some wonderfully creative stitching!

Such cute detail in this quilt...see the bluebird and pup?

And two little kitties...

Faux leather for some of the roof tops,

Cute little peacock couple...sittin' in the tree, K I S S I N G, first comes love, then comes marriage, then come the peacocks with a baby carriage!

We had a great time oooohing and aaahing over this quilt!

Char and Marcia bring wool appliqué to stitch on when they come! They both choose such darling projects to work on! It has been so fun to get to know these two ladies as well. Such sweethearts and so inspirational!

Char brought her cute chartruse purse used as a tote to carry her goodies. She also wore a chartruce colored sweater and happened to coordinate with her lovely stitching and supplies. Her Easter Matt is coming along nicely and will be ready to display in her home soon. See her cute little green box over on the right side that she carries her scissors and such in? Darling! And of course the little tote she stitched for her threads is Oh So Cute too!


And Marcia had a cute tote she made also. Her little mat is telling us spring will be here very soon. Such a cute little bumble bees! I am always impress with quilters who work ahead of the season! I am one who works on the past season...after Christmas, I make Christmas quilts, after Easter, I start an Easter project! Then I have to wait the whole year to enjoy it! LOL. Marcia will have this one done by the next time I see her! These girls are organized and I need it to rub off on me! :-D


I stitched on another pincushion. I need a few extras in different color ways. This one is poison green and lavender, with brown and creamy yellow accents. It's looking nice, I think, and will be a good addition to my collection! I love to make these...seems I never get tired of them! (You can see the rest of the designs available in my web store HERE). These are made using my English Paper Piecing technique with starch. So simple!

Next time we get together for some table Talk, I'll take a few more pictures to share from the other girls' projects to share with you. All of them are so talented.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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Friday, March 7, 2014

One Last Post About Texas

I just have a few more inspirational pictures to show you from my trip to San Antonio. You know how I love STARS! It wouldn't be a good showing of pictures without a few more stars! I think this one is one of my is on a railing in the airport...sure wish it was on my back porch!

The others were in a few shops I found during the trip. Isn't this a nice star clamped onto that pole for fancy jeans? I like those jeans too, but I like the star better!

Here's that Texas Star again on this rack of cowboy hats. Can you just imagine that square unit as a quilt block? I do have a Texas Star Quilt started...only a few block are in the makings when I have a few moments.

I'm sewing it the old fashioned way using the Ardco metal templates, a pencil and sandpaper for easy marking of the lines. It's very peaceful sewing. Can you see those lines drawn on the back of that fabric on the left? I love these templates because they are so easy to trace around. One side is rough so it grabs the fabric a bit. You will only need one because they don't wrinkle or fall apart!

I've shown examples of the metal templates above for several blocks, but I think a friend has the templates for this block. I have plenty drawn to keep me busy for a long while!


All of those 10" squares of fabric have the backs filled with shapes ready to be cut and sewn by hand. If you look close, you can see the faint pencil line drawn on the back of the top fabric. This makes me excited to get this bundle out and start sewing on it again! Maybe this will be my next no brainer stitching project! I wish I had some extra time so I could work on it, that's for sure!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by today!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

San Antonio Inspiration!

I made it home with no great event today!  No delay, no cancellation, and nice people sitting beside me.

I will try my first Mobile upload of a picture to my blog from my new smartphone. I just joined the land of smartphones a few weeks ago. Now I can walk around everywhere I go with my nose in my phone like so many other people I see walking around blind to what is around them! Lol!

Back to the picture. My nose was not stuck in my phone when I saw these beautiful tile right on the posts on the sidewalk. These beautiful tile we're on the street corner right next to our hotel. I took pictures of all of them they were so beautiful. What quilty inspiration! I wondered how old the tiles were. Don't they look like they are right out of a Kaffe book?

These beautiful stars were all over buildings and signs in San Antonio. Architecture is very inspirational. I imagine many of these were carved by hand as the buildings are very old. That's TALENT!

And I couldn't resist taking a picture of this cute little Pomeranian enjoying a meal with his owners. He was hand fed...sat there like a perfect child waiting for the next bite. I couldn't imagine my sweet dog being so perfect with delicious food in front of her! This dog was well trained. I'm not sure I would seat my dog at a table, but you never know what you will see when out and about! (I probably should blur the man's face, but can't quite figure that out!).

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Monday, March 3, 2014

I Am Stranded!

Sweet Hubs asked me to tag along with him on business to the beautiful city of San Antonio, TX.  We had a great time enjoying the balmy Texas weather! But then...another ARCTIC BLAST decided to make its way south!  Hubs flew out to a different city than I had scheduled, so he arrived home right on time.  I however, have been stranded alone for 2.5 extra days! Luckily I did manage to have my stitching with me, but everything else of value to a person who is stranded for a few days was with my husband!  We didn't have time to get anything out of the checked bag or his carry on bag...but hey, what else does a quilter need but needle and thread and a few pieces of fabric?!  Turned out the hotel had a shuttle to shopping areas so I was able to get the basics easily. 

I must say, I am anxious to get back home today! I am so thankful for my family!  It's lonely out on the road when you get all of your stitching completed, can't shop because you have to carry everything you want to buy, and of course, when you hear your grown up, busy kid tell you she misses you!  It didn't help when hubs sent a pic of Miss Ginger laying on the laundry, telling me she won't come out to join him! 

Wish me luck everyone!!  I need it to help me get home today!

Take care,