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Old School BOM- Basting EPP with Starch!

I’m thrilled to be involved in this Old School BOM project!  It’s always so good to learn some basics for quilting, as well as something new!  Thanks to Kim for including me and giving me the opportunity to show you all something “old school” done in a new way.   We'll be making an old school Hexie block with a fussy cut center.

When I started quilting one of the first quilts I wanted to make was a quilt with hexagon blocks.  I have an old quilt my Memaw made in the 30’s and it is one of my favorite antiques for sure.  Generally, Hexagon quilts are made using traditional hand piecing or the English Paper Piecing method.  The English Paper Piecing method is what interested me.  (EPP).  This means the quilter has a hexagon shape made from thick paper.  It is positioned on the wrong side of the fabric and the seam allowances are folded over the paper and basted in place.  I tried to baste hexie after hexie but I just couldn’t hold that paper still enough to have a good shape in the end.  The paper would shift and move at each turn and before long, I had no seam allowance left to turn over the paper!  No matter which tricks I used, I could not do a good job! 

Years later I was preparing some applique’ shapes using freezer paper and starch and it dawned on me that perhaps this would work for basting EPP shapes.  It worked like a charm, but after a while, I realized I needed some tools (notions) that were not available.  My husband encouraged me to start designing what I needed and we now have a line of EPP and Applique' notions for Starch Basting.  I've got a few videos on my website that tell you all about the technique and notions, and shows you just how to use them.  Take a look HERE and after watching you'll be ready to begin the block.  Try to watch the second video listed (from your PC or Android device) as it is the most recent.  If you don't have a PC,  you can watch the first video loaded.  The rest are nice to watch too! 

The basics of this technique are:  

1-Make the hexie template from a double layer of freezer paper.  

2-Cut fabric 1/4" larger on all sides of the hexie.

3-Iron the template to the wrong side of the fabric.

4-Paint the seam allowance with starch.

5-Fold the seam allowance onto the template and iron until dry with a mini iron.

6-Let the hexie cool and remove the template.  Repeat, repeat, repeat!

7-Sew the hexies together...YAY!

When you finish getting educated on this method from the videos, download the PDF file HERE .  You'll need to complete the checkout process, but don't worry, I will not ask for your credit card info or spam you!  This is just the way my website requires you to get the download.  Upon checkout completion a Purchase Confirmation box will pop up and you can get the download DIRECTLY FROM THIS BOX.  That's the easiest way to find the link.  😊 An email will also be sent with the link to get the download.

You can make the hexie with a fussy cut center as shown above, or if you'd rather have a block full of hexies, you'll need to make a few more and fill the center as shown below.  I can't wait to see how you make your block with your fabrics when you post in the Old School BOM FB Group!  Have fun and please let me know if you have any questions by asking in the FB group or by sending me an email through the comment form on the website,

These blocks shown here are from a few of my fabric collections with Blank Quilting Corp- The hexies in the first picture are from my current collection, Abby's Treasures- in stores now!  The center and background in the first picture are from my next line, Ashton Collection, shipping to stores in October.  Be sure to tell your local shop to get this one ordered in time!  It has some wonderful prints and border prints!  The center in the second picture is from previous lines, Rustic Homestead and Ginger & Spice.  See more on my website on the Fabrics and Woolen Page as I still have some prints from these past collections available. 

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