Monday, December 27, 2021

I’ll be Teaching at New England Quilt Seminar Sept 2022!

 Hello and Happy New Year!  Christmas 2021 has passed…well almost!  We have another family celebration starting today and then, we’ll move on to 2022!  We have enjoyed the kids and grand babies so much this last week.  A few more days of snuggles and we’ll be back to the regular life events.  

Here’s a photo of our first half of Christmas celebration.  We’re missing my middle daughter’s family so we’ll do another official photo in the coming days with everyone!  The weather has been so nice we didn’t even need coats for the Christmas Eve church service!  We don’t get mild winter weather in Des Moines too often so it was a nice change!  

As the title of this post mentions, I will be teaching at a new event for me… the New England Quilt Seminars hosted by David Taylor Quilts.  I’m thrilled and look forward to this event so much!  12 students for 5 days to have lots of one on one time of instruction on English Paper Piecing and Applique’.  This will be awesome to really focus on improving the techniques used in the quilt.  We’ll get a huge start on the class project, Nana’s Garden Club.  This quilt has a big block center with EPP and Applique.  I love teaching Starch Basting and helping studenTs achieve excellent results.  It’s so rewarding to see the excitement of a student when they have success using the techniques I love.  ❤️

Join me won’t you?  Registration is February 11th.  Click HERE for detailed info!  The New England Quilt Seminars is help in Waterville Valley, New Hampshire and looks to be a beautiful setting!  I hope to see you there! 

Take care and thanks for stopping by today.  Blogger is becoming more and more difficult to accept new posts.  Please be sure to check out other blog posts from my website at  I post a few more there.  Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter and eventually we will let you know when a new post is made with some fun info.  
Happy New Year!


  1. What a great looking family!
    That is a beautiful quilt you will be teaching. Sounds like a really in-depth experience.
    I have never been to Waterville Valley, but I'll bet it is a beautiful place. My oldest daughter used to live about 30 miles away in Meredith, and we used to go out sightseeing when we visited. I loved everything I saw! :)

  2. Thanks Janet! It will be a great trip for us!