Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

My day started sort of slow and relaxing. Middle daughter came home from school with a friend and we had a nice time visiting. Made some yummy food for breakfast. I tried a new recipe for hash browns. Of course I changed the recipe, just like I do when I quilt! These potatoes were more like oven fries. First I baked the potatoes and let them cool. Then I sliced them into wedges, rubbed a bit of olive oil on them and coated them with a mixture of bread crumbs ( the recipe called for flour), seasoning salt, garlic powder, onion powder and pepper. Then they baked for 30 minutes at about 350*. Yummo!

Then about noon, I decided to run to the grocery store for a few items. Oh My Goodness, it was busier than Christmas Eve! No Joke! There were lots of parties going on around here yesterday! My quick little trip to the store turned into about two hours! When I got home I quick called a friend to run to the local store to participate in the Super Bowl Sale before they closed. I found some good basics. The tea stained color will make a good background, the tan print will make a great backing and the grey will be the backing for a winter wonderland quilt I am making now. Nothing too exciting, but fun anyway!

Then I got some stitching prep done for my entertainment during the game. I did a little Valentine's stitching with wool for some pincushions. The stitching was finished in perfect timing as I finished up just as the game was over! It was easy enough to start and stop as we watched the commercials. Did you have a favorite? I liked the one where the boy went to the dance in his Dad's Audi and that gave him the courage to be confident and very gutsy. It was silly, but cute. I also liked the Jeep commercial about the troops.

While prepping the pin cushions, I also got the corners ready for the Little Woolie I have been working on. There will be more to them than just the pineapple. Can't wait to find more stitching time! Funny how the darker pineapple looks smaller in this pic, but it is the same size as the light colored pineapple!

I will spend most of my day getting ready for the Rather Bee Valentine's Party tomorrow night. That's the big sized small group I am in...about 21 if everyone shows up! I am excited to use my new addition to my kitchen island for the goodies most will bring to share. Last fall we added about 30" to the length and it has made all the difference in my happiness in this tiny kitchen compared to the last one I had in our Ohio home. I'll show some pics after the party tomorrow.

That's all my news! Have a great day and take care,




  1. Sounds like you had a busy day (but no driving - so that's a good thing!). Love your hearts and your pineapples and stars - I want to see more! Glad you found a few treasures on your shopping trip.

  2. Wasn't thinking of the game and why the store was so crowded, now i know, lol.
    I have a pineapple piece I need to finish, used stuff applique paper, so hopefully it will wash out, but I didn't center my pieces very well, so it will be a prim quilt, lol.


  3. I haven't seen all the commercials yet...but I really love the Farmer one! your Valentine pincushions are so adorable!!!

  4. Nice acquisitions and cute pincushions. I liked the Taco Bell commercial where the old folks escape from the home and the Audi one was a favorite too. I just didn't like the outcome of the game and thought the half time show was awful.

  5. I had to go to the store Friday and I couldn't believe how crowded it was.
    Love your fabrics and the project you are working on.