Saturday, November 24, 2018

Life Brings Changes and Life goes on...

Well, lots has happened since my last post.  My first line of fabric with Blank Quilting has been shipped to stores! YAY!  Ginger & Spice is out there in quilt shops so be sure to find out if your local quilt shop has it in stock.  It was so exciting to see it in person and have it in my hands!  The colors are rich and deep.  The fabrics feel so wonderful.  I'm so proud to have designed these and look forward to seeing them pop up in quilts out there!  If you use them, I'd love to see what you create with them!

My family has enjoyed watching our first grand son grow up a bit each time we see him.  He is just a precious boy...  We went on a vacation in late August to one of our favorite places in the Destin, Florida area and this little guy really enjoyed the sand and water!

We all had a wonderful time together enjoying each other's company and the area.  My mom was doing so well and took a turn for the worse with her health while there and unfortunately we had to say farewell to her as she passed onto her next life, back again with my father and brother and all the other family members who went before her.  We miss her terribly but find comfort that she is forever young and healthy once again.  I wouldn't normally put all this out there, but just can't let it go unmentioned.  She was such an influence in my life and in my kid's lives... I wouldn't be who I am without her having been my mom and I'm so very thankful to have had both of my parents for as long as I did!  Such a blessing...  They encouraged me to be the best I can be, to be creative and to be the parent I am to my children today.  

It's been a busy, busy time since this moment.  Life goes on and she would want us to keep on keepin' on.  She had so much spunk and energy and I hope to have as much spunk and energy as she did up into my 84th year should I be blessed enough to live that long!  

After this life changing event, life got very busy with settling things but also teaching and traveling and Quilt Market was fast approaching!  My friend Julee P offered to help me out and she kindly made one of the free quilt patterns offered at that I designed for Ginger & Spice.  That's what I call a generous friend!  In 10 days she did most all of the applique' on this quilt shown below!  I understand a few of her quilting buddies also chipped in and helped on a few blocks.  So Big Thanks goes to Julee and also Karen, Chris and Norma as well for helping me prepare for Market and Festival!  I loved having the quilt there to show off my fabrics!  Contact your local quilt shop and make this quilt yourself~It's easy applique'!  If your local quilt shop did not happen to order the fabric line, you can find it on my website by clicking HERE!  Once again Thank You Thank You to Julee!!

One of the teaching engagements this fall was with the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild, my local guild.  It was an honor to show my quilts from the early days and share funny stories about learning to quilt.  As the quilts were shared, the ladies laid them on the pews to my left.  After it was over it took my breath away to see them all laid out.  I love sharing what I've learned along the years.  If your guild needs a lecture and workshops please have them contact me.

My time was also filled filming with The Quilt Show!  It was a great day with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims filming my episode that will be aired June 2nd.  Amazing what all goes into making a wonderful show for us quilters.  The whole team did a great job with me to make it a great experience!  The filming took place at Piece Works Quilt Shop in Winterset, IA.  A great shop!  Put it on your list of stops in Iowa if you are ever nearby.

Next up was Quilt Market in Houston.  The weather was good and we met lots of new friends and caught up with the friends met in previous years!  I was very pleased to be able to finish and show my new quilt design English Wedding featured below.  This quilt is made using my starch basting technique for English Paper Piecing as well as cotton and wool applique'.  It's scrappy and happy and a joy to make!  The pattern and kit are available on the website and you can see it by clicking HERE.

I also introduced a new wool and cotton applique' table topper called Boho Star.  This quick little project is quite easy to make and has the added interest of Primitive Boho Buttons on top of some of the pennies.  This one is proving to be very popular and the buttons are part of it's success.  They add such a cute touch to a simple little design!  Since life had been so very busy I enlisted the help of a fine seamstress I've met on FaceBook.  LaNan Eldridge did a fine job stitching this sample for me!  Thank you LaNan!  You can find the pattern and kit by clicking HERE.

There's one thing I have learned in my does bring changes and life does go on.  We gain strength from each event in our lives and learn to be stronger and more determined to enjoy life while we are here to enjoy it!  I will miss my original family (My parents and brother) with all my heart but I will keep on enjoying my life to the fullest!  I'm so thankful to have my own wonderful family~ My wonderful husband and daughters, son in laws and goes on!

Thanks for visiting today and please come back again!  I have some fun news to share soon!
Take care, Missie (and Jeff, pictured above)


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    1. Thank you Jacqueline! I am probably not supposed to say this, but I love them too! :-}

  2. I am sorry to hear about your mom, she sounds like a wonderful woman and mother.
    Your new line is beautiful, as well as, the quilt you made.
    Sounds like you have been busy with family and the grandkids, they are the best.


    1. Thank you so much Debbie. She was wonderful indeed. Thanks also for the kind words about my fabric line and quilt. It's so exciting! Yes family is the best - They keep us going don't they!

  3. So sorry for your loss, Missie, I can empathize as i just lost my Mom 3 years ago...mine was "spunky" too and full of life...I am praying that your memories of her will warm your heart...hugs, Julierose

  4. Very sorry to hear about the passing of your Mom, Missie! Even when you are prepared to face such an event, it leaves a hole.
    Your new fabric line is beautiful! Nice job. And your quilts are gorgeous!
    What a busy year you have had!

  5. Thanks for the kind words Janet. It sure has left a hole in my heart to have lost both of my parents in the past year. They are together now though and I do find comfort in that. So glad you like Ginger & Spice! Thanks so much for keeping in touch!