Friday, July 24, 2015

Nice Night On The Deck!

Just a little stitchin' going on out on the deck tonight! I'm about done with the Wool Applique on these blocks and it will be time to put this baby together very soon. It will be fun to see how it will look! Working with my favorite wools and reproduction cottons layered and stitched with a blanket stitch. Yum yummy!

I'm using a stitching technique that's new for me. I'm not really sure I've seen it done before by anyone else, but I'm liking it for this type of sewing. The seam allowance is on the wide side of 1/4" and I'm doing needle turn Applique, but with a big blanket stitch. First I've drawn the shape onto the front side of the cotton fabric with a chalk pencil.

Then I'm turning the seam under with the needle as if I were going to do needleturn Applique. I'm only worried about turning that white line under as far as my next stitch for now.

And then I'm taking the next stitch right at the point I'm holding with my fingernail. Easy peasy! Gives a rustic look to the cotton Applique. The wool is sewn with the same blanket stitches but of course no seam is turned under. This is what I refer to as layered wool and cotton Applique.

We have great temps tonight before the next heatwave hits tomorrow. Hubs and I are enjoying the breeze and mild temps tonight! Some of you may have met Jeff at a show here and there. He's a good helper for me when I'm working at shows!

Have a great weekend and Take care,


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  1. Another neat design, love the shapes and colors.
    Thank you for your explanation of the way you applique wool and cotton combinations.

  2. I just found you through Flickenstichlerin - love your blog and your work, I'm putting you on my feedly reader so I can keep reading and seeing what you are making.

  3. Great technique and tutorial! Thanks for sharing such good photos and steps. I'm in love with this quilt already!! Being from New Orleans, I'm always on the hunt for a good fleur-de-lis pattern. Your wool and fabric combinations are always stunning.

  4. Sounds so pleasant, stitching on the deck with the company of your helpmeet. I've never seen cotton applique done liuke that. I really like that look.

  5. Hello Missie, needle turn applique with blanket stitch, that's new for me, too. But it looks great!
    I like your applique design much, can't wait to see if it's ready.
    A night on deck, we love it much, too. Those summer nights are the best time of the year.
    Have a nice sunday!

  6. I like the needleturn with button stitch - A lot easier and less stiffness with raw edge! Nice

  7. I really like the fleur-de-lis shape. It looks like there are side setting triangles with the trident and larger blocks with the complete fleur-de-lis. Very interesting! Please sew faster so we can all see the finished product!