Friday, July 17, 2015

How To Cut Fabric For Hexies...FAST!

When I'm teaching and vending and showing my Method for Basting English Paper Piecing with Starch, often I get the question about how I cut the Fabric Hexies. I have told you in the past about the Hexie Punches which I sell on my website and I show how to cut the Paper Shapes when I do the demo in shows. When I build the kits for the Hexie Mug Rug Pattern, I use the Sizzix Die Cutter so you have nice neat fabric hexies to give my method a try. But when I'm making a few hexies here and there, many times I cut them by hand with scissors.
I have nice sharp Kai scissors that have a 4" blade and they are SUPER great for cutting about 8-10 layers of cotton at a time! They are $16... available on the notions page on my website HERE.  In the picture above, I'm cutting a strip of fabric 1/2" wider than my Hexie shape. I cut all 10 layers at a time and can cut up to 16 layers at one cutting.!

From that strip I cut off a square, again leaving 1/4" on each side of the Hexie shape. I hold the stack with my first two fingers and don't let it go so they don't get displaced. This way they stay stacked up nice and neat.
Then I cut off the corners at the top and bottom of the square you see here, leaving 1/4" seam allowance outside the paper. (I like a scant 1/4" seam) Continue cutting until all sides are trimmed.
Until you have a complete Hexie cut out of the stack of fabrics.
From the strip of fabrics that were about 8" inches long I got 30 hexies in less than a minute!
Lots of ladies tell me they can't imagine cutting all those hexies they see in my quilts out of fabric. I compare this to any other quilt! We have to cut the pieces in order to make a quilt, right?! This doesn't take long and for me it's much quicker than rotary cutting or preparing an Applique piece for sewing. You can cut them very relaxed and they don't have to be perfect because they are used for English Paper Piecing so the prefect shape is formed by the paper!
I hope you see how quick and fun this can be!

On another note, I've had a few ladies send pictures of their blocks for The Gardens Of A King! They are stunning! Paula told me this week that they are addicting to make!! I totally agree! Is anyone else starting on The Gardens Of A King? I'd love to see your photos posted in the Traditional Primitives FB Group. Seeing what others are doing with colors will inspire you to get going on the next block! Search for Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter or click HERE to like the page and then join the group!  Let's get the party started and see some more blocks!
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  1. This makes so much sense. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I have cut mine this way, but can't cut that many layers at a time. That would be wonderful to do 8-10 all at once! Sounds like I need those scissors, but my credit card was just hacked and I can't buy anything online for a couple of weeks until I get a new one. I'll check back next month and see if you still have any of them.

  3. I cut my hexagons this way. Last time I used a pair of Fiskars I have that look a little like hedge trimmers. I was able to cut several layers at a time

  4. Thank you for sharing, I will give this a try, so clever.

  5. I cut strips and stack them for cutting too. Very fast and easy. I like to leave a generous seam allowance of 3/8" because it makes the hand basting much easier.

  6. Thank you for sharing this--I am working on my first hexie quilt

  7. I would like to get a pair of those Kai scissors--how much are they?? I have a very old pair of heavy dressmaker's shears that are really too difficult for me to use anymore...hugs, Julierose