Thursday, March 7, 2013

New Pattern! Woolie Welcome...

This is the first in a new series of small quilts I've been working on called Little Woolies! Woolie Welcome is 22" square and has cotton backgrounds and wool appliqué. The applique is so easy with wool! The stars, pineapples and sashing are all easy applique stitched on a basic machine pieced background. It's a quick little project and would be perfect for a table topper or a wall hanging!

I've also been playing with those wool garments again. I got my crock pot out again and did my best to fix some of the wools I dyed the first time I tried this. They were blotchy and colorful, but not quite what I was looking for. This time I used more packs of Kool-Ade for a deeper color. It worked great! The colors are a bit brighter in this picture, but I am really happy with them. I was told that this type of dying would wash out, but I found out it is permanent when I tried to wash some I know it will be ok to use these in a project that may be washed in the future. I might try washing one more time with a piece of white fabric to see if it bleeds. So far I'm having fun! Will cook a little more wool today since I have a few more packets of that sweet smelling colored powder!
Now that's an odd picture, but I've put the wool away and don't have time to rearrange again for a new picture! It does show the colors pretty well though, so I'll leave it up for now!
Take Care,


  1. Great new project, Missie. I forgot to ask the owners yesterday...very busy in the shop. I will remember to ask though!

  2. What a great little quilt! It turned out beautiful!
    Your wool dying looks fabulous too!

  3. Such a great Woolie Welcome! And I can't wait to go get my Kool Aid and get to work on some of my wool!

  4. Wish I could have stayed longer and seen the outcome of the wool. Fun day yesterday....

  5. That came out beautifully and wonderful wools.
    I got some light checked, that is thinner so that would be a good one to save for a wool quilt.


  6. Love that new pattern girlfriend! I'm right there with ya. Wool is so much fun!

  7. really pretty! great picks for the pineapples.

  8. hi missie! just wanted to stop by and see what you were up too. love the quilt, its fun to use both wool and fabric in a project. love how your wool dyeing turned out... i have yet to try but am all prepared! just need to do it! enjoy your days missie!