Thursday, November 13, 2014

Relaxing Friday Evening! Finally!

I've been so very busy lately, stitching and drawing constantly! And when I'm not doing those things I've been loading the car and hitting the road for a quilt show. It's been a fun fall!

Since The Gardens Of A King quilt is finished, I've been getting the pattern ready and it is nearing the end! I'm teaching English Paper Piecing tomorrow in Ft. Dodge, IA and I needed to replenish my freezer paper hexies. Since I had lots of scraps of freezer paper left over from making 'George", as I fondly refer to The Gardens Of a King...


I thought I'd use them up into a FEW hexies! Here is what I got from the scraps! These are all 1" hexies.


And these area few of the 3/4" hexies!

And this is what's left! It's a great way to use up scraps. The black squares you see there are the dies for my cutter. Works really great to run them through the die cutter. I can get 8 layers at a time in paper or fabric! Before you know it you have hundreds of hexies!

I mentioned I am working on the new pattern. When I do the covers, I get a very different look from what I see on my computer and what is actually printed, so I do lots of tests and then end up throwing away all these great pictures that I have no use for...booo hooo...

When I made the quilt, Life In The Midwest, I printed the hexie shapes onto photo paper by accident. Well, I ended up using the glue stick and it worked great, that is until I figured out the starch method! But there are occasions when I still use the glue stick when I am basting. So as I was about to throw these colorful pictures away tonight, but decided to give them a whirl through the cutter!

How fun are these!??!


Now I can't wait to use the glue stick, and baste a few hexies on these cute little hexie papers. Maybe I'll let my students take a few tomorrow to practice with. Fun fun!

I cut ALL of these hexies in about 7 back to work on the new pattern! 7 minutes is all I can relax tonight! If you haven't been here in a while, go back a few posts and see the new quilt made with English Paper Piecing, Appliqué and Wool Appliqué. The Gardens Of A King, my interpretation of the King George III Coverlet, will be available in pattern for very soon.

Have a great weekend!










  1. You really have been busy and it sounds like a busy week ahead, but also fun with the class.
    The leftover prints look great as hexes.


  2. Maybe I would enjoy my hexie project more if the papers were that pretty! : )

  3. The printed hexies are very pretty indeed!

  4. The hexies made with the photos make me smile!

  5. Great post! Makes me want to start a new hexie project right now!!!