Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wow! You Want To Add This To Your Christmas List! And More Sale!

Do you have a light box? I had a little one from many years ago that I used for scrap booking. A few years ago, the light burnt out and I can't find a bulb that works in it! I have replaced it twice and the bulbs explode, so I have mostly used my front door window when it comes to tracing things. Sometimes I lay a light under my glass table for larger drawings and that works pretty well.

Have you seen the fancy light boxes for sale at the quilt shows? They are pretty nice, and they have a hefty price tag! But if you do lots of tracing, it might be just what you need.

While shopping for my niece and nephew in the big box toy department, I ran across this toy tracing light box! As you can hopefully see on the box, it is from Crayola and is called the Light Up Tracing Pad. It came in pink and was a tough decision which color I wanted because blue is one of my favorite colors, but I chose pink!

For $19.99 I thought I would give it a try! It has been waiting patiently in my basement for me to find some double AA batteries. I finally found them and gave it a try! I was very happily surprised that this light box will work great for my needs!

It is nice and flat and won't take up much room. I've left my hand in the picture so you can see the's a nice size! A bit larger than a piece of paper...

You can see in this picture that it shows the drawing very nicely. Most of what you are seeing is the light surface and then I've shown you the picture, which has fine lines for Punchneedle, and then a bit of paper on top of a portion of the picture so you can see how strongly it works. I was pretty impressed for a toy!

If your family is asking you what you want for Christmas, this might be a fun thing to put on your list! It's been a long time since I've had a real toy! Let me know if Santa brings you one and if so, let me know how you like it!

Speaking of Christmas lists, feel free to send me your wish list of items on my website by email and I will keep it on hand for the special people in your life to refer to if you want them to choose something for you. Just make a wish list in the contact area of my website and be sure to give me your name. Send your shoppers my way by email and I will let them know what's on your wish list. If you'd like to give me their email address I would be happy to send a note and let them know you've made a wish list! Just be sure you let them know it's coming so they won't think it is spam from me! There is still plenty of time to order before Christmas arrives!

I've been working on a present for a quilter friend in my small group. Who we get the gift from is a secret for now, so I can give you a peak!

I hope she likes it! I'm doing a candle mat from my pattern called Josie's Petals that I designed this spring. I have yet to make one for myself, so this has gotten me in the mood! These black wool petals are sewn in brown wool thread to give an old feel to go along with the deep red and pink fabric colors. I will show the rest of the gift after the party! Are you making some handcrafted gifts this year? I'd love to hear about them! If so, enjoy the process of making them and putting a bit of love into each little goodie you make!

I've had my AFTER THE RUSH CYBER SPECIAL going on the last few days, as some of you may know. Thanks to those of you who have purchased! I think I will keep it going a few more days because I have been having trouble getting my newsletter to go out. I want to be sure all of my customers are offered the sale and so far, you bloggers are the only ones who have known about it! I will keep the sale going until Wednesday Night at Midnight. Surely by then the email problems will be solved! So as a recap, you will recieve a FREE English Paper Piecing Pincushion Pattern with the purchase of any pattern on my website. One freebie for each pattern purchased! (Up to 7 free)


I will add in the instructions for doing EPP by machine! Add this little freebie detail to your wish list as you tell your shoppers about it! They have till Wednesday this week at midnight to get you some extra goodies for Christmas at no extra cost! :-)

Aren't sales fun!?!

I better get back to my stitching...only a little bit left and I'll be done.

Take care!




  1. Great light box! I have a small plug in light inside a clear tub with a piece of glass on top. It's not pretty, but it was cheap and it works great! :0)

  2. I have had a porta trace for years and never replaced the bulb. It was not too much and I used a coupon.


  3. This light box looks like a great idea.
    I am loving the secret project--especially the brown floss on black wool!

  4. Great tip about the light box! Thank you.

  5. I will check it out next time I go to Hobby Lobby, with a coupon of course.

  6. I love the pink and red quilt with the wool orange peels; can't wait to see what it is going to be! I'm making needle books for my sewing friends and time permitting I might make some scissor fobs to go with them.

    The light box is a great idea. I do my tracings on the front door too but at this time of year it is chilly and I can't get the tape to stick to the glass! Maybe I should invest in one of the Crayola light boxes!

  7. I love my light box. Can't live without it. Love what you're working on.

  8. I like your secret project so far.
    thanks for that great idea for a light box. I am going to be on the lookout for one of those toys.