Thursday, September 19, 2013

It's Been A Busy Time Recently!

It's been a while since I've had time to post...I've been to Rogers to teach at The Rabbit's Lair...

And I've been so humbled to find my design offered as a BOM, and on the same page with such wonderful quilts also offered. Check out the link above...

When I arrived, I found they had made a beautiful display of my quilts for the trunk show.


The building is so beautiful with wonderful wood trim and floors.


Unique little cubbies here and there, and this beautiful window bench where they arranged my trunk show.


I sat upstairs in this area to visit with customers as they shopped the wool area during the shop hop. In the afternoon, the class went well. There were 16 students there to learn 5 ways to baste English Paper Piecing. We had lots of fun together and I'm pretty sure most left having found a way they enjoy EPP.

When I returned, I found that my Clematis has you can see, it has been allowed to take over the bike parked under the porch! Looked cute, and Katie drives now, so I let it grow for fun.

It grows up the step railing, taking over at times!

But it sure is pretty to look at as we sit on the porch swing now that the evenings are a bit cooler

Since returning home, I'm finishing up the latest quilt! Only a few more stitches to go and then I can quilt it! I'll show you the finished quilt after it's completed!

Most of these pictures were taken with a new camera. I'm not sure it's right for me as the pictures seem to take a long while to load! Please let me know if this post takes an abnormal time to load on your computers. I may be returning the camera! Miss Ginger did a little modeling for me!
Thanks for stopping by today! Happy Stitching!
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  1. Your blog did not take long to load at all. I loved all the eye candy.

  2. Your quilts look beautiful, displayed in the store.
    I love how the clematis looks around the porch area. We have a high porch too and that would be a nice thing to grow underneath. No problem with the load. Do you have a high setting on your camera? You can set how many pixels and things with your settings, then when you load, if it is too big, blogger will take a while to put it in and then reduce it for you, so it loads faster for us. If you cannot figure it out, ask me again when my brain kicks back in;)


  3. Your clematis is beautiful, wish mine was 1/4 it's size but it's still new and had some early setbacks. Maybe next year! The trunk show looks so right at home in the shop, and what an honor for you to get to see it all displayed.

  4. What a wonderful display for your trunk show!! Glad you had fun. I am so jealous of your clematis.

  5. Blog loaded just fine!
    What a gorgeous display of your quilts, with the warmth of the wood complimenting the warm colors you use! Looks like a beautiful place.
    The blooming bicycle made me smile. : )

  6. Everything loaded just fine. The Rabbit's Lair did a lovely job of displaying all of your amazing quilts - sounds like a fun time! And what a nice welcome home to have your clematis in bloom - it is just beautiful. And last, but certainly not least...I absolutely love the picture of Ginger. she looks so beautiful - all nice and fluffy - and is posing so nicely!