Thursday, December 20, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside!

We had a little blizzard last night! Dean Martin is crooning the song Baby It's Cold Outside in my head this's one of my favorite holiday/winter songs. I am thankful to have electricity this morning as I see the electric clocks are blank this morning. That means the electricity was off for a while at least! The snow does not look very deep on the porch railing you see below, but we did get about 12" of snow and it blew all night! The wind has given us drifts about 4' high out front. Hubs is working hard to clear the driveway this morning...not that we can get out of our street anyway! You should have seen poor little Ginger outside in the blowing, drifting, snowy wind this morning. She was quick about her business! Thank goodness cause I was out there with her!

This is the tree that stays in my kitchen window all year long. I switch it up with the seasons, decorating it with Christmas, Snowmen, Easter Eggs, Bees, Halloween and general Primitive style tiny ornaments.

It's got crystals, glass ornaments and country ornaments on it now...
We never got the ladder out to put the star on to of the tree, so it is shining from the mantle this year.

This is my favorite Santa Ornament! He's too heavy for the tree, so we put him on the mantle too, for safe keeping.

This is another older Christmas quilt done in the mid 90’s. it has appliqué attached with fusible webbing. I put it away each year very carefully because I didn't even stitch the pieces down! What was I thinking?!? One of these years I will go to hang it and the pieces will fall off I am sure. The heavy fusible glue is so stiff it can't be sewn through or I would have fixed it years ago.

The detail is very tiny...the blocks are about 6"x 8". That's a lot if tiny pieces! I remember I held the candle flames with tweezers to place them on the fabric...they are about 2mm tall.

That's about all I have for you today! I am finishing up Christmas gifts and staying indoors today because...

Baby It's Cold Outside! I'm still singing..
Take care, stay warm and have a great day!


  1. Love your tree and it's cute ornaments - and that quilt? Wow! That is a lot of tiny pieces. Today is a great day to stay inside - it started snowing here about 2 hours ago, and it is piling up fast!

  2. Wonderful Christmas decorations and tree. We got snow last night as well as the wind. It has stopped now, not sure how much we got....looks like about 6" to me, gauging by the snow on the picnic table!

  3. love your festive home...and I never would have thought about a decorated tree year round! how fun...and...I LOVE you Santa ornament!

  4. Love your Christmas decorations and quilt! Lovely to see the snow, as long as you are tucked safely inside. Enjoy Christmas!

  5. Oh THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the info on how to "fix" my view when looking at "my" blogs!!! I seriously can't Thank You enough! You have absolutely made my day and my eyesight thanks you, too! Now I'm on my way to get a cup of tea and look at posts that I have missed so much in the last week.
    P.S. Love the pictures you have posted today - your needle work is wonderful!
    Merry Christmas!!!