Friday, September 14, 2012

Displaying our quilts

We work so hard on all of our quilts...then we hang some on the walls, and make some small quilts into pillows, but how else do we display them? I was visiting Marcia, a fellow quilter's home last night and her displays all over her condo took my breath away! I'll show you a few pics. As we walked in the door, this beautiful cabinet greeted us. There is a mini quilt on top of the cabinet with a wooden display case on top of the quilt. I would say this box looks like a candy box from an old store...the candy inside is pearl cotton balls! I love it! And of course, we see the nice fall themed quilt hanging on the wall.

Once you step into the door, as you turn left there was this cute little window to greet you as you go on into the living room...darling little quilts displayed on the ledge! And we get a peek of what's to come!!

And then a better view of all the quilts on display in the living room area... LOOK at that cabinet!!! I wanted to get in there and look at all of those beauties! See the cute way she has put a small quilt on the footstool? And then there is the ladder and door of the cabinet and the back of the chairs. I love these ladders, but can't seem to find one these days. I need a tall one for my living room to fill an empty space.

And as we step on into the room, we looked left, and another gasp came from this girl! I love the way she is showing all her work! The footstools, the chairs, tabletop and walls...looks luscious!

Then we turned around and saw where she has her machine set up. This is the great wall unit she has to store things in. If I remember correctly, this is where her computer is also. I like the way she lays a small quilt on top of a full's genius! Display with a purpose!

I missed getting a picture of the lovely cabinet in her bedroom. It was drawers and open shelves full of beautiful wools folded in the shelves. Marcia knows how to display her lovely work! if this condo were for sale and I was lookin'...I would know it was ready for me to move right in!! The picture below would seal the deal! I would hope she would forget to pack her sewing closet when she moved out! We all know that wouldn't happen...Look at that wonderful storage...and look at all that wonderful fabric!

I have about one or two areas with quilts on display in my home...I will strive for more now that I have seen these wonderful ideas. Marcia, thanks for the inspiration!!

I am now inspired to go sew!! I hope you are too!

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  1. Beautiful way to display her quilts and her home is so warm and cozy.
    I love the look of quilts all over, warms up the house. I had my husband make some quilt ladders, love having quilts on those, now I need to get moving and make more large ones.


  2. How nice to see all of her beautiful works of art on display! Very inspiring!

  3. Wow! I enjoyed that home tour.
    such beautiful quilts.

  4. WOW.... I love how your friend displays all those wonderful quilts!
    She has an awesome way of incorporating her quilting passion into her home decor!

  5. Wow!! Very inspirational! Thanks for sharing a truly "quilt-a-fied" home (as my son calls it) - beautiful.