Sunday, December 9, 2012

Cute As Can Bee!

Thank goodness I finally felt well enough to get something done in the sewing room today! I've been coughing for about a MONTH and am finally kicking this bug. I have slept well for 3 whole nights and my energy is coming back! Good thing because I have a Christmas party to go to on Tuesday, so needed to get my gift done. I started this little Bee quilt last night and finished it up just now. It was fun to make and simple simple. Can't wait to give it to my Secret Pal! ( She does not follow my blog, so the secret is safe!) It turned out about 10" square. The center is punched of course...! This is the quilt group called "Rather Bees", short for "I'd Rather Be Quilting", now shortened to "Bees". This group started more than 25 years ago and most of us have a bit of a Bee collection!

Ginger is napping on this little rug like it's a pillow! I couldn't resist a pic next to this little quilt. She seems to be a little better, but still has much healing to do before she is back to normal. She even did a bit of playing today!
Have a wonderful week! Take care,




  1. Oh How I would Love to be your secret pal!!

  2. I am glad you are feeling better, nothing worse than being laid up when we have things to do;)
    The recipient is going to love your quilt, it is beautiful and really unique.


  3. oh man...I cannot believe how long the cough lasts! I am sick of it! sweet ginger...wonder if she is dreaming about the cute bee?

  4. That is a very cute little quilt and I am sure will be well loved. Hope you and your lovely dog are both on the mend now.

  5. Gorgeous girlfriend!
    Ginger looks precious taking a little nap right there. I could snuggle right up next to her.