Sunday, August 14, 2016

Big News, Exciting News, Lots of News! New Products!

Howdy Ho Everyone! It's been a busy summer with lots of happenings. We have a daughter who is newly engaged so there will be a wedding to plan for next summer! Yay! We are so happy for the couple and look forward to gaining our second son-in-law to join the family.

We also have the oldest and her husband moving back to Iowa, so they will be 2.5 hours away rather than 18! We are thrilled for that! They listed their home and it sold in a week, the very day they found a house to purchase in Iowa. It's a bit of a fixer upper, so we'll have some fun with paint and new furniture and they will plan on a new kitchen. Should be fun to see what they come up with, and we'll be happy to help in any way we can. Of course, both of these couples may need a new quilt or two! Fun, fun, fun!


I have a few new products to share with you...first, I have decided to offer my own brand of needles. I offer them in a Magnetic Box Set for both Wool and EPP/Applique and also in a more plain form in a tiny envelope or a small tube once the envelopes are gone. You can read more about them on my website HERE if you so desire...

We are also offering Premium Freezer Paper from Traditional Primitives these days. That's righ, my own brand. It has great qualities for my Starch Basting for English Paper Piecing. It can be used many times over and it does not shrink like other papers! That means we can make more than we think from only a few papers. I counted to about 20 times reusing one Hexie and then came back to it a few days later and found that the dampened edges from my starch basting technique had dried and I could use it even more. I'm loving this new paper! You can read more about it on my website by clicking the same link above. Let me know if you have any questions!

We are also offering the wool thread that I love using for wool Applique, Genziana. It is a pretty good bargain for the large amount on each spool and the colors are so rich and sews wonderfully using the wool needles above!

And we are also offering Mettler 60 weight cotton threads for English Paper Piecing without the paper and for Applique. It is so much more invisible than 50 weight...I couldn't believe how effortless it was to make a good invisible stitch. I'm loving it! Again it's on the same notion page on my website. Use the link above to take you there! Look for more goodies soon...

Since posting about Spring Market Adventures, we've been to KY for a family reunion, Tulsa for a great little quilt show, MN Quilt Show, MO for a quick visit with my folks, The Omaha Quilt Show, a family meet up for July 4th, KC to move a daughter, Ankeny Iowa Show, teaching at Quilt NE and I've been home (what's that?!?) for almost two weeks now! WHEW!

Merrie was sure to bring a photo of her pincushion she made from a pattern she purchased last year. I love to see projects, finished or even just started! Thank you Merrie!

In the photos above, I'm showing some young ladies all about Punchneedle. I learned when I was about 13. We really need to teach the younger generation about fiber arts to keep it alive. Share it with someone younger whenever you can!

I made it on the local news while doing a demo on Rug Punching during the Ankeny Show! How embarrassing! Tee Hee!

Do you remember the books 'Where's Waldo?' That's what this picture made us think of...Where's Missie?

Had a quick visit from Renee, an Iowa friend all the way up at the MN show! She brought some blocks to show me from Gardens Of A King! Isn't she doing great!?

We tried a new set up for the Punchneedle Kits. It worked well and they weren't falling all over the table this time! Yay!
Did I say WHEW earlier? Yes! It's good to be home!

I'm working on a new quilt that will be both Pieced and Applique. Can't wait to give you a sneak peak very soon!

In between trips I caught a few moments to sew a few more blocks for my second Gardens Of A King quilt. This one as you see, is a bit bolder in color. I have not decided about the background yet, so I'm holding off on stitching that on the blocks for now.

Look for some of my goodies in the Autum Issue of Simply Vintage coming soon and in the Winter Issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazines.

Take care and Happy Stitching!



Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Starch Basting Technique Video

I've got a funny look on my face below, but I have some good stuff to share!  HAHA!  It's been on my list to make a better video of my Starch Basting Technique for a while now.  Finally had some time to get it done!  You can also find it on YouTube when searching for Traditional Primitives or English Paper Piecing.  I hope you enjoy hearing all about it in video form vs. seeing photos and reading the descriptions.  Hopefully seeing this done in real time will help those of you who have been trying to imagine how it works so well.  

My Hubs has joined me as my full time Right Hand Man and we have had more time to grow the business and make some big decisions.  We are expanding the Traditional Primitives Brand and now offer the Premium Freezer Paper shown in the video along with the Fingertip Stiletto and the Starch Brush to go along with the patterns that involve English Paper Piecing or Applique.  More new goodies coming soon!  You can find the new Premium Freezer Paper on my website at on the Notions Page.  It's great for this technique!

For any of you who live nearby, I'll be vending at the Ankeny Area Quilter's Guild Show in Ankeny, Iowa.  It's a small show but a good one with pretty quilts and good shopping from nearby quilty companies.  HERE is a link to the show info if you'd like to come!  Hope to see you there!!

Take care and stay cool,

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Many Adventures!

Since I last posted so much has much that I can't remember it all! Spring Quilt Market was in Salt Lake City, a beautiful town indeed. I was so impressed with the kind people, beautiful scenery and clean downtown. We stayed in an apartment near the convention center and had a lovely view of the mountains.

Spring Market was successful and it was so fun to see new friends I've made in the past few years. I was next door to Robin of Briar Root Primitives and Norma of Timeless Treasures. Across the aisle was Cindy from Quilt Doodle and Barbara from Vanilla House. Such nice gals...each one of them! We all learn from each other and I'm so impressed with how differently they each run their businesses. So cool that this industry is filled with such wonderfully creative women.

My youngest daughter Katie and my Dear Hubs came along and we had a great time. I am so thankful for my wonderful family!

I did introduce some new designs that I have not shown you yet. First up is Castle Windows, inspired by...guess...a Castle Window that I saw online a while back. It is a very simple and quick Applique quilt that looks much more detailed than it actually is! I whipped it up in just a few days and most of the stitching was done in the car on our various travels this spring.

Next is Vintage Buddies- Two Old Crows and A Pair Of Hares. This one was super quick to make and has the unique binding I'm enjoying when I do an English Paper Pieced quilt. It intrigues people so much to see the Hexies on the fron and back of the quilt. An interesting "binding" for sure. To add interest there is a bit of stitchery on these designs. I used wool thread which looks soft and a bit fluffy and adds to the vintage feel of these table runners.

Royal Babies is also quick and simple to make. These baby quilts have pieced blocks that are inspired by one of the Blocks in Gardens Of A King. The full block is made once and then other sections of it were added in as the other blocks. They are all applique'd onto the pieced background and make a cute quilt for a boy or girl. Very simple and a breeze to stitch up!

The name of these quilts have a little story. I mentioned the block inspiration is from The Gardens Of A King, which you all know was inspired by the King George III Coverlet. King George III was married to Charlotte. The current Prince William now has two children, George and Charlotte. SO... I decided to make a boy version and a girl version in honor of the connection between the past and present Royals, George and Charlotte. Someday I do hope to have some grandchildren who can love on these quilts!

Of course, you can find these patterns and more on my website, Traditional Primitives, if you are interested!

While driving to Utah we saw a Tiny House! Very cute, but I need my space!

Since we got back from Market, we've done 2 shows. One in Tulsa and one in Minnesota. Both were great shows and it's always so nice to meet folks that I know from blogging or FB! Of course it's always fun to share my Starch Basting technique for English Paper Piecing with the show attendee's and watch them get so excited to learn an easy shortcut for basting. So many times I hear the statement "Why didn't I know that before I made a queen sized Hexie quilt!?" I am glad it gets them excited to get busy on more Hexies! In case you wonder what it looks like in my booth during a busy show, here's a snapshot!

This young mother wanted to find some sort of sewing to do with her four year old. She asked if they could try Rug Punching and they worked together to see if they would like it. The answer was yes! The little girl was so calm and patient and couldn't wait to get started at home! So wonderful to want to pass down the "sewing bug" to her young daughter! We need more young folks to keep these arts alive.

Jeff took a panoramic shot of the booth. It was funny because it took about 5 tries for us to get a half decent picture! A little blurry but you get the idea!

Next up is the Omaha Quilt Show this weekend. I'd love to meet some of you if you'll be there! Click on the link to see the info it begins at 5 pm June 23 and ends on The 25th at 4pm. This one goes until 8pm on the 24th! Wow, that will be a big shopping day! Hope to see you there!

That's a little summary of what's been happening recently. I've got another few quilts in the works and will post about them soon. Thanks so much for stopping by and as always, Take Care!



Thursday, May 5, 2016

Binding Tip!

How many of you pin your whole binding before sewing it down? I used to do that many, many years ago. I was stuck by a pin with almost every stitch! Then I started using binding clips and clipped the whole binding before I sewed it. These fell off or got messed up as I stitched. Now? I use ONE binding clip and move it a few inches in front of my stitches. When I stitch up to it, I move it on down the binding. SUPER SIMPLE and a Great Time Saver! Give it a try!

Thanks for stopping by and take care,



Sunday, May 1, 2016

Short Threads...

This morning I found myself falling back into an old habit and decided to whip my thoughts back into shape quickly! I found myself trying to start a new piece of Applique with a 5" thread. I would have to thread that needle again because 5" wasn't enough to finish the stitching on the pieces I have left to Applique.

How many of you sew to the last inch of thread and then struggle to tie that necessary knot?! It's a hard habit to break! But after a year of doing my best to move onto another piece of thread it's coming naturally now! What is it about threading a needle that makes us try to use every last bit of our thread? Or, is it the fear that we may run out of this particular thread? I rarely run out of a thread that I can't replace if it does run out. How about you? It is kind of fun to be able to buy a new spool after so long isn't it?! Haha!

I challenge you to make stitching a bit more pleasant and go ahead and waste those last few inches of thread! It's so much less stressful to work with a piece that's long enough: easy to hang onto a longer thread, easier to tie the knot. Go for it Ladies!

I have four more pieces left on this new design and then on to the quilting! The fabrics are a mix of several lovely collections from Moda. They blend so well together to give a perfectly scrappy look!

Two weeks until Quilt Market so the focus is on finishing prep THIS week so I am not so stressed. Wish me luck!!

Thanks for stopping in today and take care,





Monday, April 18, 2016

Springtime Adventures

I have more adventures to share... My last post stopped at the quilt show in Ballwin, MO. I didn't mention that we stopped at my parent's home on the way from Dallas to Ballwin for a quick visit. So great to see both doing so well after some health issues recently! The weather was great and we even spent a little time on the porch. Much different weather than Iowa was experiencing had we been home.

We've spent some time with our daughter and my hubs' family in KC and had a good time at Top Golf (fun!) and shopping at the Plaza. Brought back lots of memories from when we lived in the area way back when.

Doesn't this beautiful tile make you think of William Moris fabric? So pretty!
We were home a few days and then made our way to Augusta, GA for a visit with our kids there. They managed snagging some Masters tickets so we had the pleasure of visiting this lovely event.


We also took a kayak ride down the Savannah River canal and that was lots of fun. I was surprised I enjoyed both events so much. Two things I'd never done before!

Our daughter and husband were great hosts for us! Here they are just before he had a Volunteer Firefighter meeting. Aren't they a cute couple?! We had a wonderful time visiting them.

All through the traveling I've been stitching on new designs whenever possible. Quilt Market is around the corner and will be here in a matter of days! Lots of stitching was done in the car while driving across the country. This little project is made from Old Cambridge Pike fabrics. The colors are so pretty...just my style with a bit of old mixed in with the traditional. The background is one from the line called Concrete. I don't think it's meant to be a Primitive fabric but I love it for a Primitive look!

And this started out very plain, but when I added some stitchery look how much it improved! Sometimes we have to go with the flow. I thought this little quilt was all done, but turned out it wasn't until I added the stitchery. This would be just as pretty and much quicker if the branch and leaves were wool. Hmmm, I think I need to do that on the next one!

The FB group I mentioned a few months ago for Gardens Of A King is rolling along and I promised I'd show you my blocks I make alon the way. Here are the blocks I've stitched so far. I'm not keeping up with the group but I'm doing my best to prepare and make at least one before each post. It's going much quicker than the first time around for sure. Just as much fun to stitch together the second time around! The picture below shows my progress so far. I've chosen bolder colors for the second quilt. It will have more of a latter 1800's look vs the early 1800's look of the first quilt.

And of course I left the blocks on the floor, so look who promptly found the blocks to lay on! She does this every time...

Here's a tease for another new design I'm working on. It is all Applique except for sewing the background blocks together. Very quick Applique on this quilt. It's been fun to do needleturn's been so long Since I've done Needleturn Applique! These look like men's ties laid out like this but that's not what they are! These are all Moda fabrics and blend together so well. Fabrics from several collections all mixed up together!

And now I'm stitching up the borders for the last step. At least I think it's the last step. Like I mentioned earlier I never know until I'm finished when the end of the quilt is. Sometimes I keep adding parts as I design.

I made a short road trip to teach at a wonderful shop in Pella, IA called The Quilted Windmill. We worked on this little wool Applique pattern called Tulip Time and the group seemed to enjoy it. This is a beginner project with the option of very simple or a bit less simple, but still simple style to stitch.

If you ever pass through central Iowa be sure to stop by this shop. They have a bit of everything and have so many cute samples hanging in the shop! Here's a bit of eye candy for you!

This cute quilt is at their check out counter! The town is Dutch and they have windmill themed attractions all over town. The spring Tulip Festival is in a few days. I hope to find time to run back over for the festival. Full of Dutch clothed folks and tulips galore!

Recently a relative and her friends from NE came through town on a bus trip from the Chicago Show. They stopped at a local shop and I met them up there for a quick visit. Her frien Lynette pulled out a little notebook with some fabric to match up with while shopping. I thought this was a great idea! Small enough to have in her purse. Very organized! Thanks for the tip Lynette!

I'll be speaking and teaching in Keller, TX this week with the Bear Creek Guild. The class will be all about English Paper Piecing and of course the main focus will be the unique method of basting English Paper Piecing with Starch. Is so rewarding to teach my method to ladies who struggle with English Paper Piecing because it makes it so very quick and easy! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Leave a comment below and visit my online shop if you'd like-

Traditional Primitives

Take care,



Monday, April 11, 2016

Busy Days! And a book review!

Hello Hello! Time has been filled to the max since the new year has begun. In January I had a speaking and workshop engagement in Nebraska City, NE and met some awsome quilters. Very nice ladies and we had a great time at the workshop!

We made a quick trip to Florida to visit some family and let the Boys in my life golf a bit. The ladies had a good time shopping and my aunt planned a day with a friend in the area so we could tour her Studio. She sells jewelry on Etsy and her Studio is to Die for! Here's a few pictures of her super cute, super organized room. Every nook is organized and neat and tidy. Wish some of that would have rubbed off on me!

You can see her unique jewelry in her Etsy shop. Charming! Thanks to Aunt Jane for planning this fun day for us! And thanks to Dee for having us over for the day.

The first show was the Dallas Quilters Guild Show. Let me tell you this is a fun show! If you ever need a road trip I think it's a safe bet that this would be a great show to attend. Beautiful quilts of all styles to see and lots of unique vendors selling their goodies. Here's a quick pic of the booth. We were worn out by the time this picture was taken, but you can get a good idea of what the booth looks like! Thanks to my husband and oldest daughter for their help!

We sold out of several key products and had back to back shows so desperately needed to replenish. Guess where we went to find more "stuff" to sell!

Good thing The Moda Warehouse is in the Dallas area. It was great fun to pop in (1st time!) and pick up some supplies. (Yes, that's our tacky little trailer in the door reflection... Hey, it works!) Now back to the shopping experience! The entry is stunning with antique quilts hanging all around.


This is only part of the facility...filled with fabrics and so many other goodies! As you can see I did find some goodies and what fun it was to see how a fabric company warehouse looks. Fun fun!

I felt just like those ladies in the drawing above as I left with the goods! Good thing we had that trailer shown in the door above! Haha!

The two days after the show I taught the basics for The Gardens Of A King at Happiness Is Quilting in McKinney, TX. A wonderful shop! And Wonderful class attendees who were excited to learn a new technique and have a good time. Here we are below discussing some fabric options for the quilt. (If you are new to the blog and don't know, I have a web store where you can purchase the pattern and other supplies if interested - Traditional The ladies attending the workshop wished it was a week long class and we decided to start a FB page dedicated to it for those who own the pattern or have taken a workshop from me and want to have some company while stitching on it. I'll be available to answer questions and you can feel free to post photos of your blocks and meet others working on the quilt. The group is called Stitch Along with Missie - Gardens Of A King. As interest arises I will be adding other groups for other quilts for ladies to stitch along together via FB. If you are making one of my quilts and want me to start a group dedicated to that specific quilt, let me know and I'll set it up. We'll do our best to grow the groups and make it fun! I realize not everyone does FB but you should know by now I'm always eager to help if you contact me by email. Each of my patterns has my email address on the back cover so feel free to join the FB group listed above or email me with questions!

After the workshop at Happiness Is Quilting, we headed for a very quick visit with my folks on our way to the next show in Ballwin, MO near St. Louis. Another great show from the Bit's and Pieces Quilt Guild. This is a biannual show and there were some stunning quilts on display! Here's a few highlights...

It was great fun to be at this small but spectacular show. One nice lady was told by her friend who took my workshop in TX that she needed to come see me at this show. She drove a few hours from Illinois to come visit! As she walked in the door to the show, she happened to win a door prize. Guess who's booth it was from?! Mine! It was so great to meet Linda who had a very lucky day!

I've recently read a pretty good book about machine quilting called

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting: Long-arm and Sit-down - Learn When, Where, Why, and How to Finish Your Quilts Paperback – written by Angela Walters and Christa Watson.

This book has so much great basic information. If you would like to try quilting by machine and think maybe someday you'd like to know more about a Longarm, this is the book for you! Great examples and info! Check out more details here! These ladies have covered all the details we need to know when quilting!

I'll fill you in on more adventures in the near future! Have a wonderful quilty day!

Take care,