Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A little baking and some sewing activity...

I did some baking today. First, that yummy toffee with crackers and chocolate! Here they are before the chocolate and Oreo Sprinkles...
And here they are after....mmmm good!
And then I tried a new Nutella cookie I saw on Pinterest...it turned out really good! We'll see if they last til company comes on Saturday...we might need to make more of these! They were a bit less trouble than Chocolate Crackles, which are one of our faves for Christmas, but the recipe didn't make as many cookies. We might need the Crackles after all! Tomorrow will be sugar cookie day...our Very Favorite!

In the sewing room, I got 9 blocks of Pennies From Heaven ready to stitch.
I rarely seem to follow a pattern all the way, so I think I will be rearranging the quilt a bit. Nothing against Gretchen Gibbons...that's just how I do things! For now my plan is to do these 9 blocks shown below ... I have the wool on cotton that looks like wool. I hope the brown fabric looks like wool too. I was going for a rug hooked look. It's a really nice looking brown fabric. I used up many of my textured red and green wools...looks like I need a shopping trip!
And I like the applique triangle blocks ( I guess you could call it the inner border?). I may make square blocks like this in between the blocks above...we'll see what I end up with in the end! I have a certain wall I need it to fit on, so that's why I am changing it up a bit!
Cheryl from So Many Quilts, So Little Time blog got me inspired and asked if i would like to work along with her on these blocks. Mine have a Christmas feel and hers are bright and pretty like the book cover!
I have a special Thank You to Michelle from The Raspberry Rabbits! She sent me this darling pin cushion and bunny scissors after I complimented her scissors...what a sweetheart! We both collect bunnies and we've become good blogging buddies! She has a pretty cute blog...check it out and enjoy her talents!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Take care,



  1. I hate when they change an application and make it worse.
    Love your pennies, that is a beautiful pattern and I like the idea of doing it in different color schemes.


  2. I have an IPad and the same thing is happening. Like you, I don't like the change but don't know how to change it back, or even if it can be changed back! Your blocks are beautiful!

  3. Wish I could help you, Missie...I've given up sometimes when they make changes!!

    Love your Christmas blocks :)

    Hugs, Carolyn