Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Tree's Up!

Now it feels like Christmas!


Last week we put up our very small tree since Ginger is still needing to be kenneled at night. That kennel takes up lots of room! It did not feel like Christmas since we could barely see the tree. Our youngest begged Daddy to get the big tree out. So today they made room and NOW it feels like Christmas! The next thing we need to fix is the is 61* this evening!


We have not gotten the ladder out to put the star on top yet...maybe tomorrow. You can see that Ginger is posing for you with a happy look on her face. She is doing well after the accident, but still has a long way to go.


I don't have many recent Christmas quilts. This on is from the early to mid 90‘s and looks a bit old fashioned to me today. The gold lame' really dates it, but I have enjoyed it over the years. We had our tiny tree sitting on it last week. It made a nice tree skirt.

The kids' stockings are full of sparkle from cequins and beads. I made a stocking like this for myself in the 8th grade. It was destroyed by a mouse long ago. When I saw these in a hobby store I had to get a few for our family. Hubs and I used to share the one on the left, but now it is the one we use for our son in law. And I suppose I will need to add some for grand kids one of these years in the future! These kits are made by the same company that mine was made by all those years ago was...Bucella...felt and cequins kits. My Middle daughter made two of these in Jr. High, so the tradition was carried on!

Have you decorated yet? We know some folks that wait until Christmas Eve to get a tree up and decorated. We love to get the tree up as soon as possible, but we always take it down on New Year's Day, wishing we could leave it up longer...

Happy Holidays to my blogging friends!

Take Care,




  1. tomorrow! it looks so cozy and Ginger looks wonderful in front of the tree. You have inspired me!

  2. I need to get my things out, but no big tree, unless I can find a space and a place that the cats won't ruin it, lol. I put up a bunch of smaller prim trees and soft ornies.


  3. Ah, yes. I remember the gold lame' being so popular in quilt making. I used it in something but don't remember what. Nothing I have now. I never made any of the stockings like yours but do remember how popular those were too.
    We didn't put a tree up for a number of years as our kids were grown and we didn't have company here for Christmas. I finally got some small prim style trees and friends bought a bit larger prim tree at a thrift store and gave it to me. It is not set up yet. It is decorated with cookie cutters that are still on it. Just needs uncovered and brought in from the garage.

  4. Beautiful tree and holiday decorations Missie!
    Happy to hear that Ginger is coming along well. She looks SO sweet beside your Tree!

    Season's Greetings to you and your family!

  5. Your tree looks so beautiful and Ginger looks so happy under it! I have my fake tree up, but not decorated yet. My daughter and GD will come over this week to help me. Our temps are warm for this time of year as well. I would love a white Christmas, a reason to wear all those sweaters I have and a real tree!

  6. At first i thought you meant the pictured tree was the small one! I couldn't imagine how big "the big one" would be then. Your house looks Christmas Cozy!