Saturday, December 15, 2012

What's Happening at My House Today!

MMMM Good! My family loves soups...hearty thick soups! We are headed to a potluck Christmas Party tonight and I thought this soup would be something different to offer. It is Cheeseburger Soup. If you have not had Cheeseburger Soup before, you really must try it! You can make it thick or thin; whatever your tastes are.


Start off with browning some ground beef. I used prepared frozen meatballs today, browned and chopped into tiny pieces. Then add an onion, chopped, and a few carrots, chopped. When the veggies are a bit soft, add some salt and pepper to taste. Go easy on the salt as the cheese and broth cubes, added later, are salty too. Add a few teaspoons of Italian Spices. I purchase mine pre-mixed. Next, add about 4-6 cups of water and chicken broth cubes and bring to a soft boil. Then add the Velveeta. I use half of a block. Turn the heat down to medium so the cheese does not burn. Add 1.5 cups of milk while the cheese melts. Sometimes I like to add potatoes to soups. You can add chopped potatoes when you add the water and boil a little longer, or if you are in a rush like I usually am, you can add leftover mashed potatoes or frozen potatoes of some sort. Hash browns work great because they are so small. Otherwise, chop up what you have after microwaving a few minutes. This makes the soup much thicker and fills the big boys up! This Cheeseburger Soup is so good alone, or with a sandwich on the side! Give it a try!!

I have been working on my hexies recently. I think I am in love with the starch method of prepping them! Yes, it takes time on the front side with the little iron before you stitch, but I like the trade off of where my time is spent. The picture above shows how nice it looks after it's sewn and the picture below shows how easy it is to hold while stitching...soft and bendable rather than stiff and hard to hold! I like it!

I highly suggest you try this also!


My Katie is making comfort teddies to sell at her Etsy Store. She makes a pouch of rice to put in the microwave or freezer to make the teddy warm or cool and cuddly. Scents of lavender are soothing and relaxing. I love that she is creative and a bit of an entrepreneur at her young age.

One of my works in progress, well actually just begun, is Pennies From Heaven. I worked on my Christmas version a bit this week at the wool club in the local store, Creekside Quilting. It was a small group of us, but we had a great time. I am looking forward to the monthly gathering to keep me working on wool projects!

I may change thread bothers me that I can see the thread on some pieces, but not all of them. Maybe I will use a light and a dark...we'll see after I stitch a bit more. These wool pieces are being sewn onto a nice thick cotton that I hope looks like wool.

I've finished the little smocked dress for my niece, but still need to finish the little shirt. I am making it button at the legs so it will be like little bloomer panties under her dress as well as a shirt. She could also wear it with some pants and tuck it in with a cute belt! Using measurements from her Mama, I made this to fit. It looks sooooo tiny and brings back so many memories of smocking for my girls.

With these updates, I will head down to my sewing room to finish that little shirt and quilt her quilt also! Sure would be nice if I could get it done today!!

Before I sign off, I just wanted to mention the families involved in the terrible incident Friday. What a thoughts and prayers are with those touched by this. Kiss your babies and grand babies near and far and be sure your loved ones know you love them!

God Bless and Take Care,




  1. Lots of wonderful projects and I love the fabrics you used in your hexagons.


  2. You have put me in the mood for soup - now if the grocery store would only deliver! LOVE your wool project and sure wish I was closer to you - I would love to join that group.

  3. Love it that your daughter is a budding entrepreneur. I must try the hexie method. I use starch to prep my appliqué, so why not!

  4. Darling teddy!! Lots of fun and delightful projects, Missie! Wonderful fabrices that you used in your hexies.

    And your soup...yummy I will be right over---but I bet the pot is empty!



  5. The soup looks fabulous! I have never made it so will add to my repertoire. The bear is so sweet, being an entrepreneur is the American way! I couldn't make any progress on my wool without a group... motivation!!! And now I am motivated to get going on my first hexies!!!