Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


This is Katie's double sided pumpkin!

And these are her buddies shoes! Wednesday is Young Life night! The crew is all here tonight! They are downstairs singing and jumping around with a real band and big screen for the lyrics of the words. They all chime in and sing and have a ball, play games and get a small message at the end of the night. She never misses a week and I am thrilled she has such a great activity to participate in!


This is my one and only Halloween Quilt if you can believe that! I made it in the mid '90s I think. It is made with heavy Heat and Bond and has hardly any quilting and no stitching around the shapes, but I love it cause the little witches remind me so much of my three girls. It will always be a favorite even though I am embarrassed of the quality now a days! I still hang it every year..fold it very carefully so I don't crack the pieces off and save it till the next year!

Have a Boo-tiful evening!



  1. What a fun pumpkin and I love that quilt, it is so cute.


  2. oh the wall hanging is adorable but seeing all those shoes makes me miss when the kids were home!

  3. What an awesome pumpkin and very sweet Halloween Quilt!