Monday, October 29, 2012

Restin' and Workin'

Ginger is resting well today. Her eyes are brighter and wider today. Her leg is much less red and bruised. I am working on a store sample for my mini punched quilt, Primitive Pineapple Welcome. It is done in a bit brighter tones; ecru, gold, reds and greens for a Holiday feel. The wool appliqué in the border is so quick and easy. If any of you have not tried wool yet, give it a try! It's wonderful!

I went to the other side of the cubby we have made of couches, a wooden blanket box and my recliner to take a picture of the whole little quilt, all 12” of it! Of course I had to get little Ginger in there too! The brightness of this little quilt is growing on me, and it might be cheering me up a little bit too! Isn't it nice how quilting, stitching or doing something we love, even when we don't think we want to, helps to lift our spirits?

Thanks again for your kind words about Ginger,

Take care,



  1. So glad that Ginger is recuperating...I have never done a wool piece..I have a little kit and perhaps after all the holiday stuff gets done (hah!!) I'll try it--no seams to turn sounds good....Julierose

  2. Good day to stay in and relax. Poor ginger, that collar is the stiff one, we got one that is more like a cloth with spines that bends so he can lay down and move around.


  3. So glad that Ginger is on the mend and home. Love your little quilt!

  4. glad to see Ginger is doing well and she is keeping you company as you stitch.
    Do you just turn the weavers cloth under and hand applique it around the edges?