Monday, October 29, 2012

Houston Quilt Market

Valdani Threads has set up a display of some of my punched items at market this weekend. You have seen these before, but I'm excited they liked them enough to offer to display them in the booth. The owner of Valdani, Dana, is so kind to help my designs get seen at market so that stores might offer them to customers.

The ladies at Blackberry Primitives, Cindi and Tania, also have a booth at market and they are offering my design, Charmed Beginnings, that I did for them. Sure wish I could be there to be a fly on the wall! Ah well, maybe another year...


Take care,



  1. That is wonderful that your quilts are being displayed by others, a sure sign that they love them. I do love valdani, wish I could afford to use just that in my punch needle.


  2. love love love Valdani! your work is so wonderful!

  3. This is so awesome! Your patterns are wonderful, and to be represented by Valdani and Blackberry Prims is really cool. Love your patterns!

  4. Congratulations! Wish I could go too. Maybe next year.

  5. I just saw a post from Michelle, raspberry rabbits, and she showed your little quilts at the Valdani booth.
    Congrats! so exciting.