Thursday, October 11, 2012

Punchneedle Supplies

Just letting you know I now have punchneedle supplies on my website. The Ultra Punchneedle and Morgan 7" No Slip Hoop. The Ultra Punchneedle is the most comfy for me to hold. The 7" hoop is a good size for most projects. If you need to punch something larger, go ahead and let the loops get locked in the hoop but take the fabric out of the hoop when you are not punching. It does not cause any problems.

I have been punching like crazy. Just waiting for the cork coasters to arrive in the mail. I punched all day yesterday. I'm showing two color ways in this pattern, brights to coordinate with the quilt In The Orange Grove and softer to match the more traditional country colors. It's amazing how different colors make the same blocks look so different! This pattern will be available next week at my store, Traditional Primitives HERE.

Miss Ginger was begging me to stop punching and PLAY last night!! She kept jumping up on my chair to get my attention. It's good to see as she is getting pretty old and her play spells are not so often these days. She is my buddy for sure!
Have a wonderful day! Sorry it has been a while Since my last post. I've been trying to get caught up since the quilt show last week! Will post about that tomorrow... Take care,



  1. I do love the ultra punch, easiest to use, lightweight and I can change the heights. My guy is having a bad day today, hard when they get older and sick.


  2. Love the new patterns. Miss Ginger is so precious! I just want to give her ears a good scratching.

  3. I use both those tools for my punchneedle.
    your coasters are so pretty.
    sweet pup