Saturday, November 3, 2012


All of us quilters are creative weather we design or follow a pattern. It is so interesting how the same quilt pattern can produce such different and creative interpretations. The fabric choices, the way we sew it together and the quilting style all feed our creative needs.
This week I decided to get creative with the starch from the laundry closet. Usually when I use starch I am ironing my hubs' shirts...but this week I have kidnapped the starch from the closet and will never return it there!! I think I'll keep it for quilting from now on.

I've been doggysitting Ginger this week, (Thankfully she is healing well so far!) doing some sketching and prepping while staying in one room with her as she is to walk as little as possible. My hexies are done for the next quilt and now I need to finalize what it will look like. I started these hexies last night and worked on them a few hours more tonight. I am really liking this starch method of prep for English Paper Piecing. Over 100 hexies ready to stitch in a small amount of time. I'll start stitching tomorrow!


I am going to keep these little hexies organized in my new sandwich box which was sent to my by Taryn of Reproduction and Antique Lover blog. She posted about how she keeps organized when taking her projects along with her. I commented on how my sharp scissors cut through my purse once when I tried to take my quilting along with me. She was sweet enough to send me this extra plastic sandwich box of hers and these tiny little glassine envelopes! Thank you Taryn! What a creative way to store our stitching. I'm excited to give it a try. Every 4 days I go get three allergy shots and must wait for 30 minutes afterwards in the waiting room. This will be the perfect take along to put in my purse and keep me busy while waiting! My scissors will be safe and sound and won't be able to get into any trouble in this little box!


Official preparation has begun for my Dear Jane Quilt! Jane Stickle really had an imagination to come up with all these intricate block and triangle designs! I can just imagine her sitting in her beautiful antique clothes with perfect posture at a fancy ladies desk drawing these blocks, while overlooking the farm where she lived, then stitching in the evenings by the fireplace...just like in a novel set the past. I have no idea if that is what Jane Stickle's life was like, but that's how I imagine it being. I admire her creativity to make this beautiful quilt. We all know what a commitment it is to reproduce it! Just imagine what it took to create the original!
Take care and thanks for checking in on Miss Ginger so often,




  1. You have some beautiful projects started and love the fabrics you are using.


  2. Fantastic work.
    I´m looking forward to your hexagon quilt.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  3. So glad Ginger continues to improve! Wow, you have been productive. Is your plan to piece Dear Jane all by hand? I love starch too, but have not thought to use it on hexies. Is there still a paper template behind them or do they stand on their own?

  4. WOW!! Those Dear Jane triangles look fabulous!!! You've done a great job on them. And I love your hexies.

  5. you certainly have been busy. great way to store your hexies. love the fabric you are using.

  6. Your hexies are beautiful and what a great way to store them! And your Dear Jane quilt blocks are will have a stunning quilt when finished! Thanks for sharing...lots of inspiration here!

  7. Beautiful work! Love how organized you are.:)

  8. Your hexies are so cute! Look forward to seeing what they will become!