Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Quilts!

Good Afternoon!

I saw a post today about little quilts and at first I didn't think I had any...but as my mind got going, I remembered a few from the past. Here's a little show and tell for a dreary day! When you are finished looking at mine hop on over to Taryn's at Reproduction Quilt Lover to see more!


This one is from a dear friend Susie K. She gave it to me when I moved away from Ohio a few years ago. It stays out in my sewing room all the time!


These two are some I made probably 12-15 years ago. The blue one is from leftovers from a larger quilt. You might think this is The Twister which is popular now, but what was once new, then old gets redone by another designer over and over. This is from the book Square Dance from the mid nineties. I made a larger quilt and then made this 12" quilt from the scraps. It's a pretty cool book!

The tulip quilt is one I made after looking at a book with antique quilts. It was a fun quilt to make and won first place in the Ohio State Fair in the year 2000. I bring this one out in the springtime when things start to warm up!

This little Cake Stand Quilt was made in a class from Sally Collins. It was the first quilt I quilted with my new quilting machine. It is a tiny little thing about 8.5”x11”. I am very proud I finished it! All those little pieces!

These last two little quilts will be showing off pretty soon as the Christmas holiday approaches! The Cathedral Window quilt has little 1” squares that were framed by the red fabric. I loved making this quilt. I was amazed how the Cathedral Window block was made! I wish I had green in the under fabric to peak out and show off the frames in red. I don't think I could do this block today without finding a tutorial for it. I also made a Christmas ornament from Cathedral Windows. It's one of my faves!

The little wool felt quilt (although it is not actually a quilt) was a fun little project too! It was my first wool project and was very quick to make. I remember I finished it in one evening!

That's it for my little quilts for've seen my little punched quilts I make now from previous posts! I've got another one in the works now! Do you have little tiny quilts too??

Have a great evening,




  1. missie, love your little quilts. i always have liked them and it made me think... i have 2 little ones somewhere, i actually dont think i have had them out since moving here...15 ish yrs ago... they are more of a make do. will have to look for them. i also started a bed size catherdral window like when we were in japan so almost 20 yrs ago now and its not least the main part is done so i dont have to look up how to do it each time. and the middle pieces of fabric are now our dated..mostly homespuns ect. i still love them tho... will have to bring that out too. gosh your post has given me lots to do! love your wool mat too! enjoy your evening missie!

  2. Beautiful little quilts and beautiful work on them.
    I usually make simple blocks with mine, but would like to try some with more detail.


  3. Don't you just love mini quilts?!?!? Love all your mini's, especially the Cake Stand Quilt!

  4. Thanks for digging out your little quilts! I am partial to the cake stand blocks myself so I just love that one. By the way, I've been meaning to email to thank you for the pattern and the larger glassine envelopes. I do love those!

  5. oh I just love your cake stand basket quilt and that reindeer mat is just adorable!
    do you like working with wool?
    like your "twister" quilt , made me smile, yup what hasn't been done before?

  6. I love your cake stand quilt. I also took a Sally Collins class. Only made the one block but I think it's the best class I ever took. My piecing is so much more accurate from having been taught by her.

  7. Lovely little quilts! I have quite a collection and really adore each one!