Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Gardens Of A King, Part 2

In today's post about my interpretation of the King George III Coverlet I plan to show you a few more of the circle blocks. They are all unique and the original maker did a wonderful job repeating them in her quilt long ago. She repeated them many times over to make such a large quilt, but I will only be repeating the majority of them 2 times each. There are 16 different circular blocks, so that makes 32 I used in the new quilt.


I love this block above with it's tiny little hexie in the center! That hexie is a bit larger than 1/2" and the circular part of the block is about 6". Each square block measures 6 3/4" in my design. This is pretty close to the original size for what I can find out.


I had a wonderful time digging through favorite fat quarters in my stash! This compass style block has many of my favorite colors and various shades. I love multi colored quilt blocks! Notice as you view these blocks that I've chosen to use several different background fabrics. I wanted my quilt to be scrappy!

These designs also look nice with a few fabrics repeated throughout the quilt. You will see this type of color example in Carrie's (one of my sweet pattern testers) quilt. You can see on her blog that she has chosen a more modern look for her blocks!


This little sunflower styled block has a unique frame. See how that row of squares circling the petals are split in two? The original quilter was a clever designer. She also was very clever with her color and value choices. Some of the blocks she made are typical to what we expect when we look at a star block, but others are opposite or quite mixed up in typical value placement. I had fun mixing things up a bit also when choosing fabrics for each piece in the blocks.

Speaking of value changes, can you tell that this block is the same pattern as one of the blocks shown above? It's pretty cool how changing value can change the whole look of the block! Karen (my other sweet pattern tester) has been doing a whole study about value on her blog and has tried to change the values on most of the blocks in this quilt. You will see that she has shown them on her blog.


This block pattern is the first that I made. Is was simple because notice that it really does not have so many pieces! I want you to see that this quilt is pretty easy once you get used to the way I prep the pieces. Once you get one block done, you can't wait to get onto the next one! And then once you've got the second block of one design done, you can't wait to get on to the next block design! I had such a blast making this...I may make another one!

In the coming weeks I will be reviewing my Starch Method of English Paper Piecing Basting. This type of prep makes the smallest pieces in this quilt very workable!


The block in the center of this picture above has tiny little pieces in the very center. The 2 red pieces in the very center are about 3/8" in size. With my method of basting, it can be done EASILY! This would also be a block where you could replace those red and tan pieces with a little fussy cutting and fill in the crescent shapes with one piece of fabric. Even easier! But still intricate looking.

Let me know if you want to be notified for first notice about pattern availability! Make sure I have your email! I will end this post with the teaser shown in the last picture...what could be next after the blocks in the quilt construction? Check back on Friday leading up to a few more posts through Sunday when I will show you the whole top!

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  1. That is gorgeous girlfriend! Those perfect points make me so envious! :)

    Love this.

  2. Love the look put me on the list can't wait to get started.

  3. I enjoy seeing your process of making this quilt, it really is a stunning pattern.


  4. Oh this will be a lovely quilt! Am making a George Washington wall hanging right now...George seems to be resonating everywhere.. I would like a notice when your pattern is ready--I love EPP .hugs, Julierose

  5. Oh Missie, I love this more and more with each new picture/ post. I hope I remembered to tell you * I am definitely in line for the pattern*!

  6. Missie, this quilt is so intiuging. A real challenge. I love seeing the different fabric choices. Please put me on the list for the pattern

    1. You are a no reply blogger. I can't send you the info without your email address.

  7. Please add me to your list-- the quilt looks challenging, but fun!

  8. Add me to the list too please, Beth