Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Gardens Of A King, Finale'

Thanks for being so patient with my teasers about this quilt! Here it is... My interpretation of the

King George III Coverlet, with permission from the V&A Museum in London, England

The Gardens Of A King

The quilt finishes about 63" square, not too big and not too small...challenging, but not too challenging, with a touch of easy stitching rewarding along each step of the way to completion...

It's been a wonderful journey for me...imagining the life of the original maker, appreciating her talent to draw the blocks I've used in the quilt, imagining her quilting circumstances and environment...

A journey of enjoying the process of stitching these glorious shapes together into wonderfully rewarding blocks, creating a quilt I will always cherish...

Thanks so much to my pattern testers Karen and Carrie, who will also be showing more of their projects on their blogs. They've been so helpful to make sure the pattern is understandable for quilters who want to make the quilt. Visit their blogs and see their blocks!

The pattern is not quite done, but should be done very very soon. You know the drill...let me know if you want first notice of when it's ready to be shipped and I will keep you posted! But I need your email address, so be sure to email me that ifo if you don't hear back from me.

Thanks so much for coming back to see the grand finale' post about The Gardens Of A King. A quilt using English Paper Piecing, Appliqué and Wool Appliqué techniques in Cotton and Wool.

As always, take care!




  1. Truly stunning Missy!
    Congratulations on such an amazing accomplishment.

  2. That is a stunning achievement. I am a follower of Karen's and have been enjoying watching her make the blocks.
    I always though that wrapping fabric over paper templates was only named Englsih paper peicing, when it became a popular in both Europe and the U.S. during the last quarter of the 18th century (when all thing's English became highly fashionable). There was a silk cushion from the 15th century beleieved to have been made this way.
    I love to English PP (not just cos I'm English LOL) I find it so relaxing and very accurate. I think your blocks look wonderful.

  3. The applique blocks are what I like. They are a good complement to the pieced blocks.

  4. I really do love this quilt, love the overall design and layout and the mix of piecing and appliqué.


  5. You've done an amazing job - congratulations on such a beautiful quilt.

  6. It is beautiful! What an accomplishment, Missie. You are amazing!

  7. This is so beautiful, and yes, I am interested in notification when the pattern is released

  8. it is wonderful. my post is up now. not sure what happened that it didn't post yesterday. so sorry.

  9. Is this the quilt you were working on in Springfield? I LOVE it! I also love the starch pen! Makes it so much easier! Less mess too.