Sunday, October 6, 2013

AQS Quilt Week...Part 1...The Des Moines Quilt Show...

Well, the week was a good one for me!  Lots of fun to be had at the quilt show this week!  Lots of beauties on the Des Moines side!  I am so proud to know many of the ribbon winners.  They are a talented bunch!  I'm also proud to know the non ribbon winners too!  We have a talented bunch in our guild.  I know the judge must have had a tough time choosing the top quilts.  Wish we could have given ribbons to all!
 Julie's and Mary's Blue Ribbons!

Sandy's...who says she is a new applique lover!  She did good getting second place!!

Vicki...wish I knew her...I love this flag quilt!

And this modern look!

Many beautiful small quilts and minis!  (That's my English Paper Piecing Sampler in the top right corner!)  Look at that darling baby cute!

Here's Chris' beauty in the center, and Patty's on the left!

And another modern one made by Brenda...yummy!

This is an art study quilt made by many talented quilters.  Each color is a small quilt, hung together to make a larger display.  Very nice!

Here's a few more beauties, also made by ladies I am proud to know!
Our raffle winner happened to stay around to see if her name was picked!  It was fun to see her so excited to win this quilt!  She was from a few hours away and decided to stay until the drawing...just in case!!  I know this quilt will be loved forever...
These are highlights from the Des Moines Area Quilter's Guild side of the post...AQS highlights!
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  1. Fabulous post Missie! Thanks for sharing your pictures of these delightful quilts. The Quilt Show was great and "yes" we have lot's of talented IOWA quilters!

    :) Carolyn

  2. Wonderful quilt show and fun to see her happy face, it is such a beautiful quilt.


  3. How fun! I loved all the quilts, but that smile on the winners face? She is sure happy!

  4. It was a wonderful show with so many gorgeous quilts, it was hard to see it all in one day. My friends and I are thinking of coming for 2 days next year.

  5. Such a fun week! Glad I got to see some of the quilts of your guild. But wish I would have had time to see the AQS quilts. It was great to be able to spend some time together.

  6. Aw, shucks. I guess this means I didn't win the raffle quilt. : )
    There are so many stunning quilts--are you sure this wasn't the AQS side of the show?
    Your beautiful little quilt has a ribbon hanging from it, but even with the photo enlarged, I can't read it. What was your award?

  7. So many beautiful quilts! Lovely!

  8. gorgeous quilts.Congrats on your ribbon!
    yes, the raffle winner looks very happy and I would be too.
    the art study quilts are pretty neat.