Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Pennies In My Garden

You've seen my pennies...

And you've seen my flowers...

You've seen my stitching progress...

Now it's time to share the whole quilt...here it is...Pennies In My Garden! It's been in the Des Moines Show (2nd place ribbon), it's been to South Dakota and it will go to Lee's Summit, MO with me on Thursday so that others can see it in person! I will be glad to hang it on my wall very soon for the winter months!

I've been so busy, it's taken a while to finish the pattern! It's ready now thank goodness! The finished size is 72" square, just the right size for a large wall hanging or a bed topper. This quilt can be positioned on the bed straight with the mattress or on the diagonal for a different look! I'll be offering partial kits if you are interested. They will include a background similar to this one. Unfortunately this exact background is no longer available, but the background I've chosen is pretty close, and just as beautiful! The kits will also have a variety of wools for the pennies totaling about half the amount needed for the pennies. The pattern will be sold separately. This will give you a good start on a scrappy collection of wools for this quilt. You can add more wool or cotton in whatever proportion you prefer to finish off the quilt! Shop HERE at TraditionalPrimitives.com today to pre order your kit! I'm taking orders and you will get your kit in a few weeks time. The wools may vary slightly as I order more, but they will all blend well. Hand dyed wool is always a bit different with each order.

This picture below shows the original quilt on the left and the wools and brown cotton background I've chosen for the kits. The wools in the picture are slightly brighter than they are in person. The kit totals 3 & 7/8 yd of brown background and 5/8 yd of wools.

Head on over to my store and reserve your kit today!

If any of you will be going to the Lee's Summit Quilt Show this coming Friday and Saturday, Nov 1 & 2, I will be there selling my goodies! Please come see me!

Happy Halloween Everyone! Have fun with the ghosts and goblins!!




  1. Love it! I'm happy that I will get to look at this quilt all weekend at the Lee's Summit show. I know I am going to be extremely tempted by that kit!

  2. Ooh, so lovely! Wish I could go to the show! Sadly, I'm too far away. Have a wonderful time.

  3. That is gorgeous, love how it came out. I have seen penny quilts but they are just rows, your layout and floral border is beautifully done.


  4. Wow!! Gorgeous...looks like it's Raining Pennies on your Garden!! Wonderful!

  5. Beautiful! Such a wonderful quilt. Love the pennies and all the lovely stitching with the applique.:)

  6. This is a masterpiece Missie - absolutely gorgeous! So interesting to use a single fabric for the entire quilt foundation.....

  7. Yea, we finally get to see it. It's great Missie. It has such a fun vibe, and i love the beautiful flower border.

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful quilt - you have chosen the perfect name for it. Love the pennies and the floral border, so unique.

  9. It's gorgeous, even prettier in person! I wanted to let you know that the box arrived here in Pierre, and I have distributed all of the "loot" to everyone! Thanks so much for the goodies you sent as well!

  10. WOW! you got it done in time for the show. It is just fabulous!