Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Great Time Teaching in South Dakota!



This was the view outside the classroom for the weekend in Ft. Pierre, looking over at Pierre.

My former home was just on the other side of the bridges near that house you can see in the trees to the left! It was such fun seeing a few friends from the past and also meeting many new friends. When you spend several days with quilters we all feel like we are buddies at the end of the weekend class!

Driving over it was raining on the right...

And partly sunny on the left!

One thing about South Dakota is that you can see for miles and miles. We used to watch the storms roll in a good half hour before they would reach us! By the time I stopped for gas, the weather had changed and the wind was blowing so hard I could hardly stand up. At least it was not the huge snow storm they had the week before! I was glad to arrive safe and sound for the beginning of the weekend!

I stayed with my friend Liz. She loves to decorate for the seasons! Their home is a craftsman charming! Look at that Frand Loyd Write window treatment she made. If you look closely in the end table to the left, she has other seasonal quilts stashed for easy access when it's time to change the decor. There is another one out of view on the right side of the room. I thought that was very smart! Makes it very easy to change quickly!

This is another pretty fall quilt on the other side of the room... and yes, the only thing out of place in the room is my makeup bag and shoes you see! Haha! I love that she is using a treadle table as decor in her living room...I need one of those to go with my Memaw's old sewing machine! This may sound dumb, but I never thought to use one of these tables as a table near chairs... I always imagined a machine table as a stand alone fixture and I've never had room for one. With this way of thinking perhaps I do have room!

This small quilt hangs over the dining table area.

Here is the beautiful quilt on their bed. Such soft and subtle colors and beautiful quilting! The basket quilt at the foot of the bed is very charming and she came up with that basket herself! She's also dabbled with the Japanese fabrics as you can see from the other small quilt on the bed. They are ready for cold temps on their way!

This cute little witch hanging is one that I remember from when I lived in Pierre. It's hanging in their bedroom for this Halloween season! She loves fall and Halloween!

The spare bedroom was so cute! As you can see, she has a wide range of style! She is not stuck in one box! How wonderful to have such a wide range of style!




Wish I had time to have gotten into that cabinet full of quilts! How beautiful this room is! I had a wonderful time seeing her and her husband fun to catch up with old friends!

The class went great. Everyone learned a little something and went home with a new take on English Paper Piecing. The way I teach it, I hope that everyone will find a way they like to work with the fabric and paper. My way is not always what someone else likes to use and that's great as long as we can find a method for them to enjoy EPP! I've gotten several notes from students who are telling me they are hooked! Even the quilter who has used her method for years and years was excited that she did in fact learn a few new tricks! That was wonderful! I am learning that it is so rewarding to teach others and I'm looking forward to sharing what I know with others in the future! If your guild needs a teacher please think of me. I am really enjoying sharing what I have learned!

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  1. Lovely home--quilts in every room--warm and cozy

  2. What a great tour of her home you gave us Missie - I enjoyed seei g EVERYTHING! Hope you'll share project pictures too.

  3. I love the style of your friend's home! My living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom try to be that style. : )

  4. It looks like a nice place to visit and have a class and nice that you had a friend to stay with. Her home is wonderful, warm and inviting.


  5. How wonderful for you to go back and see old pals again. Lovely home tour. Sounds like you classes went well too.

  6. Glad you had a great time! One of your students (Sara) told me that she had a blast and learned lots. You sure were surrounded by a lot of beautiful quilts - thanks for sharing!

  7. Love how your friend decorates with all her quilts! Glad you had a safe and fun trip.

  8. Glad you got to be with old friends! That always make one feel more comfortable. Love her FLW window! I've always wanted to learn paper piecing but so far have not.

  9. It's so much fun to see how others decorate with quilts! Great pictures... thanks for sharing! How fun for you to catch up with old friends while teaching a class, making new friends!

  10. That is the one thing I remember when I visited South Dakota was how far you could see. The expanse of land and sky was amazing. And so are the quilts made Liz. WOW! Thanks for sharing all her lovely works.
    I love the idea of the quilt on the window box. Did she actually use a quilt to cover the cushion or just fold up the quilt to make it work?

  11. I wish I had space for a quilt cupboard like that, it's a perfect way to store your quilts. Sadly mine are a pile on the guest bed.

  12. Thanks, Carrie, for you comments about my quilts. It was delightful to see Missie again.
    In answer to your question, I just carefully fold a quilt over the cushion, and I change it every now and then as well. During December, I use Christmas quilts on the bed and walls, and I have enough of them that I can cover up the cushion with a Christmas quilt too.