Monday, October 7, 2013

AQS Quilt Week Part 2...What A Great Time!

Here is the shot from the windows above...look at all that space for shopping and quilts!
The Special Exhibits were so wonderful.  Below is a picture of the modern quilt I liked the best. 

This exhibit was about The Caohagan Quilts.  These quilts are made by people who live on the Caohagan Island.  They sell these beautiful quilts and receive income from the revenues.  They are all so happy and cheerful!  As my friend Mary said, "They just make me smile"! 

And this is one of the quilts from the Masterpiece Exhibit, made by Velda Newman who came to speak and teach to our guild a few years back.  Isn't this an awesome quilt!

There was also a special exhibit of Pat Campbell's quilts.  She certainly was talented and our quilt world will really miss her.  Bless her soul.  


This one below was one of my favorites in the competition side of the show.  I'm sorry I didn't get a better picture or a picture of the label so I could give the maker credit.  It was stunning though!
 This one below, called Blue Denim, was made by Julee.  See that Honorable Mention Ribbon?!  She was so very excited!

 And this one below, made by Karen won Best Hand Workmanship!  Yowza!  These two ladies are in the same small group and stitch every week together.  How exciting for them to win ribbons in the same year!  And yep, I am very proud of them!

There was also a miniature exhibit that was outstanding.  We were not allowed to take pictures, but I did buy a book showing all of them.  I will love looking at it in the future!  Miniatures are so beautiful. 
Thanks for looking at all of these pictures!  Wish you could have come!!
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  1. Oh, I wish I could have come, too!! : )

  2. Wonderful that you are sharing with us! Such great quilts and talented gals!

  3. Hi Missie, belated congratulations on your new blog. I will be following through Blogger. Thanks for sharing the photos of the AQS quilt week, it's always great to see different quilts that are being exhibited. Love your new name.

  4. Thanks for 'tooting my horn for me'. just maybe someday I will set up a blog for myself. Had a great time in Des Moines.

  5. Enjoyed seeing the quilts, lots of beautiful quilts.
    And, I was good for once, I started adding names to my address book, lol.


  6. LOVE the island quilts esp.! Thanks for sharing.:)

  7. thanks for sharing those wonderful quilts.