Thursday, January 10, 2013

Wools and Cottons...MMM Good!

Sometimes there isn't much better than wools and cottons. Looks luscious!

Can you believe these are cotton backgrounds? They look just like a man's suit or pants made from wool. The fat quarters I purchased are from the collection called Princeton from Northcott. Looks just like wool until you get up close. Feels a good as any other butter! Hee Hee!


This is my new Little Woolie I'm Workin' on. If it looks familiar, it's a take off from the Prim Pineapple Welcome Punchneedle mini quilt. A few stores have requested wool projects that look like the punched quilts. I love to appliqué with's soooo addicting because it's so simple!!

Take care,




  1. Are those the new cotton flannels? Moda makes a nice line and a friend sent me a pack for Christmas so I plan on making a flannel quilt from my flannel book.


  2. Whoa! The quilt looks SO textured - what great cotton fabrics!

  3. those fabrics do look like wool!

  4. The background fabrics do look like wool. Wonderful pieces.

  5. LOVE this! The backgrounds really do look like wool. This is such a great pattern, glad you are making it into a quilt.

  6. I never would have guessed those backgrounds to be cotton - they're fabulous! Such a sweet little wool project!