Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pin Keep Swap!

This looked like such fun, I couldn't resist joining in! There's room for more if you want to join in too!

Ravenwood Whimzies is hosting this fun swap...check it out by clicking HERE!

Yesterday at the Appliqué Group, one of the girls brought her collection of pin cushions! It was wonderful to see all of her goodies. She brought at least 50 to show us...antiques, newly made, gifts from friends. She has quite a collection! When we went to lunch afterwards, she shared two of them as a little gift for me. So special! As she builds her collection in front of me, I have wanted to start my own collection. No time though! Each pin cushion I make seems to be gifted to someone when I need a little gift. So, with her gift to me, along with Michelle's gift of the pin cushion and bunny scissors a month or so ago, my collection has officially begun! I think as I make a pin cushion in the future, I will make two if for me and one for a future gift! That's the plan anyway...we'll see how well I actually do! Haha!

These are the two pin cushions she gave to me yesterday. She made the wool pin keep and the other is an antique. Thanks Julee!


And thanks again Michelle! My collection is on it's way!

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  1. really cute pincushions. I have a small collection of them.