Wednesday, January 16, 2013

More On Binding My Way...

I had quite a few questions as I replied to comments on the binding post yesterday, so I will try my best to explain how I do bindings for you today.

First, cut 1 3/4" strips. This can be done on the straight of grain or on the bias. I prefer bias strips, but forgot to take a picture that way! The quilt I am binding now is done with strips cut on the grain as shown because I was short on fabric.

Then sew the strips you just cut together lengthwise. You can see my seam here.

Then press the whole length of the long strip you now have. I sometimes will fold off center just a bit if my batting is thicker or will poof up a bit after it is washed. You can see the wrong side of the fabric peeking out in the picture below. I will also do this if I want a bit larger than my normal quarter inch binding. If this is the case my seam allowance needs to be a bit larger than a quarter inch also! By pressing off center a bit, basically I am giving myself a wider folded strip.

Then, lay the binding, open side to the edge of the quilt edge. Stitch 1/4" away from the edge, about where the scissor point is laying. I usually use a walking foot to prevent wavy edges, although I am not sure it helps me at times.

After the binding is sewn on all around the quilt, fold the binding to the back side and clip in place, covering the stitch line.


See how I am barely covering the stitches from where the binding was sewn on.

Then, when you stitch the binding down, hold in place as if it were appliqué. The clip will assist in making this easier. When you reach the clip, move it forward a few inches.

Now does this make more sense?


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  1. That looks like a nice way to bind and really neat finish.
    My brain can't get past, what I want to eat today, so need to wait for my brain to kick back in, lol.