Sunday, January 6, 2013

What a DOLL!


Miss Mckenna looked adorable in her new smocked dress and bubble shirt I made her. It was such fun to meet her...she's a little doll as you can see...we are so blessed to have her in our family! She was all smiles the few days we saw her. Not a tear or cry from her, so she is a very happy and content babe.

Here's the little Uggs I made for her! They were a bit small, so I will save these for the next baby that comes my way and make her a larger pair this week. They were so quick and easy to stitch up it won't be a problem to whip up another pair!


I started on DD and SIL's quilt for their new home. It is a modern style with a touch of country, very simple large stripes. We saw it offered in a linen magazine, but it wasn't offered in King, what a quilter to do? Make it of course!

Here it is all layed out on the floor and ready for sewing. It only took me a few hours to stitch those stripes together and I will start quilting it tomorrow I hope! Here's the picture of what we are imititating from


I hope it turns out just as beautiful as this one is. We used solids, quilter's linen and quilter's suede fabrics to add a bit of interest instead of all solids. I am trying to decide if I use warm and natural batting if I should also use a fluffy poly to give it the loft shown in the pic above. If you have any advice on this, I'll take it!

Take care and Happy New Year!




  1. She is a cutie and such a fun age.
    I love strip quilts and can't wait to see how yours turns out.


  2. Oh my gosh is she ever precious! I could just squeeze dem cheekies!
    The quilt is going to be really pretty with those fabrics. Plus, handmade is way better than "made in China."

  3. Oh my - Mckenna is adorable and looks so cute in her little dress. And those boots? LOVE THEM! Will you make a pair for me too? Lol. That is going to be a great quilt - so graphic with the straight line quilting. Great choice! Are you wanting to add some applique?

  4. She is a little doll, especially in her smocked frock!

  5. yes, Mckenna is such a cutie pie in that dress.
    cute uggs too.
    Good thing the quilting is straight line on that king size quilt! It is going to look great.

  6. Oh my goodness what a cutie, and the smocked dress is adorable!

  7. What a cutie!! As for the quilting, if you want a bit more warmth/weight, try using first layer of W & N and then a second layer of wool. The wool is light and will be you loft, the W&N is dense and flat. I've done this for my own quilt and I love how it turned out.