Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You Like??

I am working on my small pineapple quilt...trying to make it resemble a real pineapple plant!

I added a few more long leaves to this design after I got into stitching it.

The bottom of a pineapple plant is quite leafy. I was quite surprised to see how they really look! Big 'ole plant for a single pineapple!

I had a goal to finish the leaves over the past weekend, but when I decided it needed more leaves, I did a little ripping before I could add a few more. Took a bit longer to get all those leaves on, but it's with it I think! Won't be long and I will have this baby done...

Take care and see ya back here soon,




  1. I think your appliques look exactly like pineapple plants--the leaves really do make it. Lovely work Julierose

  2. I love pineapples and yours are awesome! Can't wait to see how you will quilt them.

  3. Love the pineapples. I've started working on my Partrige and Pears. Thanks Again.

  4. That is a beautiful design, really like how you put them in the corner like that and added the fronds.


  5. love it missie!! enjoy your evening!

  6. The pineapples look good to me. I like that it is a corner application that kind of wraps around. And the center of the quilt good too. I can see those applique pineapples on a pineapple style log cabin blocks center too. Next project for you!

  7. It looks great. I think the extra long leaves make it special.

  8. Wonderful, Missie love the colors and your applique work is great!

    Carolyn :)