Monday, August 27, 2012

A Warm Welcome...

My small quilt for this year, A Warm Welcome, is coming right along! I figured out how I wanted to finish it, so got the little border on and now it's ready for quilting! It is a very simple border. I will show you how finishing the edges will work in a few days when the quilting is done...

I may decide to do this as the inner portion of a larger quilt...this would be a nice medallion center...hmmm, interesting thought! This one needs to be finished though, so a larger quilt will come later! Read more about how this quilt was made here , here and here. Come back soon for the finishing process..

Take care,




  1. That is gorgeous, love the design and the fabrics. I do think that would be beautiful in a large quilt as the center.


  2. Great border, Missie! Beautiful design!!!
    Carolyn :)

  3. Wow Missie - this little quilt is turning out quite GORGEOUS!
    I can't wait to see what you add to the borders.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Oh that border looks challenging!!!

  5. Beautiful! Love the pineapples.:)