Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First day of school today!

Where has the summer gone? Well actually, it's been so hot, I am glad it is coming to an end... Seems like the kids were just home from school and here it is, the first day of another school year!

Trisha is on the left and she's no longer in school (I couldn't cut her out of this cute pic!), but Melanie is off to start her junior year at college as of last week, and Katie starts her junior year of high school today. It was a sad affair looking for school supplies this year...6 spirals and 4 folders (total!) book bags, no fancy pencils, no cute pencil bags, etc... Boo hooo, my girls are growing up! Of course, I stopped aging years ago! LOL

Katie will have an exciting school year because she can now be just like all the rest of the kids and eat anything she wants with no worries...her milk allergy desensitization is going great. As I have said before, it is such a blessing! If any of you know someone who is severely allergic to milk, eggs, wheat or soy, this program is literally a life saver! Contact me if you have questions and I will be happy to steer you in the right direction. It is a rare program and not many are aware that this is an option to "cure" your child of these life threatening allergies. This has nothing to do with school except for the fact that she can buy whatever is available for lunch and I won't be packing any special lunches every day. A small part of a regular day at school that's a big deal for us!

Mel will be studying extra hard this year as she is now in the business school at her college. Her classes will be tougher, but I bet she will still find time to do her favorite activities and charities on campus as well as come home now and then to bake cupcakes...her favorite hobby!

I will miss them, but will be excited to get my days back to myself...quilting, appliqué, and day trading with no multiple interruptions throughout the day. You have seen these projects posted previously on the blog, but here is another view of my two current projects happening now. I can see the end of the tunnel on both of these coming soon!


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  1. Your daugters are all so lovely! Great picture ofthem; it is hard to "let them go"--each time they leave it's a little harder. My two are grown-up and married with lives and children of their own. It does feel funny around the house--so quiet, you know? But, we are happy for them....I can't wait to see how your pineapple quilt comes out. Such pretty colorways. Julierose

  2. Your daughters are so beautiful. They grow so fast.

  3. your girls are lovely young women and i bet busy in their young lifes. i always looked forward to fall for the kids to go back to school and things to get back to a routien. now my daughter is going thru goes so fast! i love your quilts! and i love to applique and hand quilt! enjoy your evening!

  4. A beautiful family and a beautiful quilt to work on...lucky you to be surrounded by all of this wonderfulness today...enjoy every minute (and pretty please show us your quilting close up!!)

  5. Beautiful girls and beautiful quilts - I'll be anxious to see the finished projects. So nice!

  6. What fabulous girls! Happiness and fun to each of them this year. Those food allergies sound so awful! Glad you have found a way around that. Yippeee and celebrations!