Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy 1st Anniversary!


Happy 1st Anniversary to my oldest daughter and her wonderful husband!
Trisha and Chase were married a year ago today and have been living very happily ever after!

None of us can believe its been a year since this happy day. Proof that time does fly when you are having fun! Here are a few more pictures for you to see! (gives me an opportunity to brag a little!)

These pics above are some of my favorites. They were so happy on their wedding day and these pictures capture that happiness so well!
This is a picture of my daughters in pink with the bride, and their cousins in yellow and the tiny tux! It was a fun day for all of them...Aiden, Haley, Katie, Trisha, Melanie and Hannah!

And finally, here is the entire wedding party all dressed up and ready to go! (Minus little Aiden shown above...he was napping then!). My show and tell for this post is that I did all the flowers and the alter decor. It was so fun and I am so happy I could do this for my daughter and her new husband. It was a bright and festive ceremony for a bright and festive couple!

I wish Trisha and Chase many more happy years in the future! Life is good when you live the dream with your one true love!

Happy Anniversary!

Take care, and see you soon,



  1. missie, what a beautiful bride and groom! and gorgous wedding party and family! love the bright colors, you did a wonderful job on the flowers and the dresses are so cute too! wonderful memories of a wonderful day! enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Anniversary to the cute couple. I have a son who has been married 2 years and another son who has been married 6. Now I am waiting on my daughter!

  3. Happy Anniversary! What a gorgeous family you have. YOu must be so proud. Flowers looked beautiful!

  4. What a beautiful family you have! Wishing the young couple many more Happy Anniversaries.

  5. Happy Anniversary to the lovely couple. They look so in love. You did a great job on the flowers!