Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to the Real World...

Can you guess where this is? I spent a few days here and felt like I was on an island...if not for the horns honking constantly! LOL

We were in Chicago and happened to be put in a corner room of our hotel. Three floors up. Views of Lake Michigan from 3 large windows. We could see the trees and the sandy beach and the water, full of sail boats and big motor boats. The busy lifestyle of living in the city is not for me, but it sure was fun to see it for a day or two. The miracle mile is a busy place. Many folks walking with their faces turned up looking at the buildings, bags of fancy purchases and music on the streets. The beach shoreline has bike paths where the stream of bikers, joggers with dogs, and couples strolling along holding hands is constant.

The number of ambulances, police cars and fire trucks racing down Michigan Avenue was amazing...lots of people brings lots of emergencies for sure. Lots of cabs and zillions of autos going and going until 2 AM...silence until 4 AM, and then the gentle noise of a few autos builds to full force once again by 6 AM.

Think I returned home to sleep peacefully in my own bed last night?!? Nope, the dog wanted out at 4 AM! LOL It's always something!

I did get a little bit of stitching done when the light was good. It was relaxing to sit near the window with my feet propped up, stitching and watching the busy folks pass by. I am glad to be home, ready to get back to the real world today! It's always good to get away, but always good to get back home too!

Take Care,



  1. I like pineapple designs, so your applique piece looks very good to me. I haven't stitched since we got home from vacation and back to good lighting. Maybe today.

  2. Always wanted to see Chicago. I am like you though...not really a big city gal. New project looks enticing.

  3. Glad you are back....the pineapple looks yummy.

  4. I've never been, but loved your photos!! I can imagine the traffic whenever I go to Denver its the worst part. Love the Pineapple!!

  5. Welcome Home!
    Your Pineapple block looks really sweet!
    I love the design and your fabric choices.

  6. I have not been to the great lakes but I thought maybe you were in Miami. No place like home.

  7. Never been there, but sounds like it's fun and noisy! hee,hee,hee.
    I love that pineapple.